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Tag: writing

The Internet Made Me Hate My Notebook (But I Fixed It. We’re Good Now.)

10 months ago

1752 words

Longtime Readers know that I have had a love affair with my Moleskine notebook for a really long time. I first encountered Moleskine when I was in graduate school. I was already enchanted by the very fancy and beautiful Coop to begin with, and just happened to stroll past the “journal” section and saw the…

[Quiet Thoughts] You Gotta Work for the Breakthrough

4 years ago

1224 words

Photo: My summer wildflowers are months away from blooming. Yet they are emerging from the cold soil to seek the sun! Too bad we haven’t seen much of it this week. Everything in the world seems to be working on a breakthrough…   I had a morning off this morning, so I took my notebook…

[Quiet Thoughts] The Passionate Pursuit Through the Hills and Valleys

4 years ago

1545 words

Photo: The Fates are often cruel but, The Universe is often kind. A waning crescent moon was waiting for me this morning just outside the office window at 5:15. I am usually up and writing at 5, but this week has been a little bit rough, so I chose to sleep in 3 mornings… a…