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Tag: Whimsy

Spontaneous Ice Rink!?

9 months ago

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Photo: That’s Ursa Minor, gearing up to skate on my driveway while waiting for the bus.   All the weatherfolk in Massachusetts got the forecast wrong yesterday. Well… I should say, they got it wrong for my town. Something something high-pressure cold air dam. Something something Canadian arctic air spilling down through Maine and New Hampshire…

[Quiet Thoughts] The Beginning of Legend

4 years ago

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Photo: Ohhhhh, it’s about to get poppin’ around here! First Christmas-related item to get to the house! Yesss!!! Get pumped!   I wrote last year about Santa Claus and how I believe that his race is “magic” and that he just so happens to have always been Black at my house. My mother has a beautiful collection…