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Tag: This republic

Congratulations. We’ve Earned 2 Years of Work.

1 month ago

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  I woke up this morning feeling pretty sober. I’m delighted about yesterday’s retaking of the House. That was required. We had no other choice. Having a check on this president is essential for our survival. We stopped the non-stop onslaught. We have not, however, stopped the threat. By winning the House yesterday, we earned…

[Quiet Thoughts] Let My Heart be Good Soil

1 month ago

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Photo: They insisted on being “army soldiers” for Halloween. I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t have concerns. Ultimately, we parents greenlighted the costumes because 1) childhood is magic and a kid should be what they want for Halloween, 2) possibilities are limitless and there are only a few things I’m going…

Congratulate the Students, Then Thank a Teacher

9 months ago

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  Shout-out to every student who walked out of their classroom today. Shoutout to the kids of Montgomery Blair High School (so proud of you, Blazers!) and other D.C. area students who got on the Metro with their signs and their voices to bring their protest directly to the doorstep of the lawmakers and the…