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Tag: Raising Boys

One More Week!

4 months ago

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Photo: Ok, so… I have a confession… This right here is the first bowl of potato salad I’ve ever made.   Ok, ok, but you’ve gotta hear me out! I know I was born below the Mason-Dixon. I know I am a Black woman born below the Mason-Dixon… there is no excuse at all for being a grown-ass woman…

The Aftermath

7 months ago

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Photo: Motherhood is intense. Can you just feel the intensity in this look, Dear Reader?   If you are living my life, you woke up this morning to a house full of all the consequences for your Mother’s Day weekend ideas. I got to Friday afternoon and said, “I’m taking this weekend off!” The Husband, God…


9 months ago

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Photo: Oooo the concentration! Don’t you just love the intensity?   Ursa Minor had a Boy Scouts meeting yesterday and The Husband didn’t want to take Major. Major, it would seem, gets bored at the “little kid” meetings and therefore gets squirmy and distracting. I absolutely adore Boy Scouts  because The Husband manages all of…