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Tag: Raising Bi-Racial Children

More Than Just Camp

1 year ago

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Photo: I’m getting back to knitting in the round, which isn’t one of my strongest skills. My sister complains a lot about chilly fingers while typing in air-conditioned Texas spaces (or in the winter, which I guess happens ever-so-briefly down there), so I’m knitting her these fingerless mitts! If you’re curious about the pattern, it…

Visiting Day

2 years ago

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Photo: ‘Twas only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Minor decides he must climb the fence and Major goes climbing right after. I let them do it (figuring the helmets would prevent the worst injury I would worry about) until Minor decided to keep going¬†behind the barn! I was like, child! Get out from back…

[Quiet Thoughts] The Precious Things We Keep

4 years ago

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Photo: First loves–Ursa Major loves his Scout doll. He’s had it since he was an infant. I’ve had Fievel since I was four. Underneath them is Buzzy Bee, a pillow pet originally given to Ursa Major but now Ursa Minor’s favorite sleeping companion. It’s funny thing things we become attached to. The invitations went out…

[Quiet Thoughts] Be Content With Your Choices

4 years ago

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Photo: Are these little dudes ready for school? Good thing little Ursa Minor’s first day isn’t until next week… There was no way I was going to tell that kid he couldn’t bring his backpack anyway. It all worked out… Both boys went to school today–the eldest for his second day of school, the youngest…