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Tag: quiet thoughts

[Quiet Thoughts] Where You Are, As You Are

2 months ago

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Photo: I was the official photographer for today’s family Good Friday service at church. Instead of poking and prodding my boys to participate, I gleefully moved in and out of the gathered families and documented the action. This cross, decorated with paper flowers made by the 20 or so children who came to the service,…

[Quiet Thoughts] Independent Thinker

3 months ago

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Photo: Isn’t the snow so pretty!? Isn’t it just the best? Don’t you just love it?   Funny story about the photo above: I refused to put on my Ugly-But-Practical-Snow-Boots and kept my Cute Boots on today because the Equinox happened and it’s officially Spring and dangnabit I deserve to be cute and… well… vanity is a terrible, foolish thing.…

[Quiet Thoughts] Little Starts of Somethin’

3 months ago

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Photo: The Husband, eager to get the garden started, has planted seeds and put them in the basement. It hasn’t taken long for little sprouts to start shooting up. These little starts of somethin’s will either thrive or fail. Sometimes because of luck. Sometimes because of our decisions. Some of them may not even get…