Reordering for Normal

Getting back to normal means doing a bunch of work! Go figure. lol. That’s ok, I’m here for it.


I’m at the culminating moment of the Rector Search…. which is why I haven’t been posting. Sorry about that.

[Quiet Thoughts] Preview of the Pattern

Photo: Ursa Major’s map of the world, made during his study of Ghana for the past month of so. I am not sure who did the writing here (that’s not his handwriting), but it’s one of the rare things I’ve seen him fully and lovingly complete at school. It’s not to say I haven’t seen…

[Quiet Thoughts] Of Having It All

God don’t give you everything. But if you’re lucky, you can have a whole lot and have no need for trying to have “it all.” Because we can’t have it all. But we might, if we’re lucky, have enough.

History Lessons

When the boys asked me a question about the Invincible Hammer in Toad’s Treasure Tracker, well… a little spontaneous history lesson had to happen.