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Tag: motherhood

The Aftermath

3 months ago

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Photo: Motherhood is intense. Can you just¬†feel the intensity in this look, Dear Reader?   If you are living my life, you woke up this morning to a house full of all the consequences for your Mother’s Day weekend ideas. I got to Friday afternoon and said, “I’m taking this weekend off!” The Husband, God…

[Quiet Thoughts] to be Brave

3 months ago

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Photo: Finally!¬†Finally! It only took¬†forever to get both socks done. But ohhhhhh the satisfaction, the¬†warmth… handknit socks really are just the ultimate of luxury and comfort.¬†The ultimate.   I have two college friends who were destined to be together. They got married and we all held our breath for the adorable, hilarious babies who we…