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Of Resolve

5 months ago

887 words

Photo: It was a splurge, and now I’m questioning its taste…. but I still love it and I’m keeping it up. The Husband put it on the wall without complaint. We’ll see how I feel about it in a week… it might continue to be displayed, but perhaps on a different wall…? No matter what,…

Eris, Please Take Yourself and Your Apple to Another Party…

5 years ago

894 words

  Photo: What is that? Oh, well, if you look closely, you’ll see a wire danging in front of my car in the middle of my driveway. You see, I had a beautiful morning planned of some light grocery shopping and cleaning while Ursa Major was at preschool yesterday. But when I left Roche Bros.…

The Heart is Beating, the Soul is Full of Laughter

5 years ago

1309 words

Photo: The Husband shoveling snow after our unexpected 5 inches on Saturday. Poor guy. Doesn’t the barn look pretty in the snow?    When the electricians didn’t show up to work last Thursday, I was really angry.  Then they promised that they’d be here on Saturday.  So when they didn’t show up on Saturday, I…

[Quiet Thoughts] Today is Better than Monday

5 years ago

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Photo: A most gracious and glorious gift.   This Friday morning, I need to stop and say thank you. Thank you to dear bloggy friends, like Zeudytigre, who has been following my journey from afar for a long time and wrote two wonderful posts about surviving her own construction experiences. The story about the process…