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Tag: Home Ownership

The Next Set of Challenges

10 months ago

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Photo: It’s still winter, but the absence of snow and the warming temperatures have given us opportunity to visit with the flower beds in preparation for Spring plantings (which are still a ways off). I’m very pleased to see that the over-winter preparations we did back in November have produced gloriously black and nutrient-filled soil…

Full Stop

3 years ago

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Photo: Little boys getting cozy with chickens a few days ago. Being a parent is fascinating stuff– the world blows up and they just don’t know. You keep their world spinning with your calm and your focus. They really do follow… it’s amazing.   It was a gray and drizzly morning yesterday, so when the sound…

Where There is Order, Chaos Is Never Far

5 years ago

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Photo: We’re constantly asked by neighbors and family, “what’s your project right now?” Lately, it’s been the yard, which has been easy and exciting and refreshing. We were starting to get serious about painting the living room in dining room (in other words, we’ve been battling over colors and whether or not “accent walls” are…