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Tag: Fail Post

[Fail Post] Blame it on the Late Summer Night

12 months ago

460 words

  There is peace in my home right now. Crickets are chirping a late summer song. The dryer is humming, filling the farmhouse with the smell of perfumed fabric softener. There is evidence of the chaos of our day: Batman lays haphazardly on the television stand, three bunch socks rest on the floor in a…

[Short Post] But with a Preview…

1 year ago

445 words

Photo: Two out of my four tomato plants, grown from seed. Martha Stewart says that Millennials are feckless, lazy and mollycoddled… and that we don’t know how to grow anything. Well, Martha, here is one of my abundantly growing beds, full of tomatoes and other plants! Also, Martha, if I needed some woman’s unnecessary and unsolicited critique, I’d…