Making Room for the “Wow”

Photo: The barn looks best with the fallen leaves on it, and the maple tree that so stretches beyond our stone fence is a source of great delight (and many,¬†many leaves to rake). Did you know that last Sunday was the feast day for St. Francis of Assisi? I didn’t until I walked into church…


Little Surprises Bring Renewed Focus

Photo: Autumn in New England is a gift… and this first autumn at the farmhouse has been just spectacular.   I would like to start this post with a comical interlude. Context: I am changing Minor’s diaper and have decided to have Major sit on the potty because he won’t sit on it unless I…

What? It’s Monday??

Photo: There are leaves on our lawn. We need to rake them and put them in our compost pile. “Need a wheelbarrow for that,” says The Husband. Children see the wheelbarrow and beg until The Husband puts them in it and carts them around the yard. Good job, Husband. Way to set a bad precedent….