Quiet Thoughts

In a world gone mean, a little encouragement can go a long way…

I strongly believe that every week offers up a lesson to be learned, or a memory to be recalled, or a whispered word meant just for you, just for now. I spend my week listening for what I’m supposed to know, and I try to convey that lesson on my weekly Friday Quiet Thoughts post. I’ve been writing weekly Quiet Thoughts posts for going on 5 years now. They are, by far, my most popular and most-read posts throughout the week.

For those of you who tune into my blog just for a weekly dose of Quiet Thoughts, here they are for you. If you’re curious about my Quiet Thoughts and read through a few, here they are for you to explore.

Just so you know: the wishes never expire. If you need a little extra something to get you through, it’s my wish that the Friday wishes in these posts see you through.

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