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I’m a very proud blogger and now a happily published author. I write about the things that fascinate me, like the delicate threads that connect one person to another. I write about the thin veil between this world and the next, and what happens when someone runs their fingers across the gossamer threads that make it up. I write about the warmth of kitchens and what can be found there, and the electricity sparked in the moment when opposing forces walk into a room. I believe, very sincerely, in the mysteries of life, love and faith. These are the things that I write about. If you love my blog, I hope you’ll love my fiction, too.

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Patron of the Meadowlark Inn

Book One of the St. John’s Stories

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With hard work, uncompromising service and great French cooking, Audrey Clayton-Green built the Meadowlark Inn into a destination for her loyal and happy customers. No one is happier than her most generous and mysterious patron, “P”, who rents out the entire place for one weekend a year on the condition of total anonymity. When the adjacent bed and breakfast is put up for sale, Audrey sees the opportunity to expand her business. Could Audrey’s ambitions jeopardize her most important relationship?

“If you love food, you will love this story. The author weaves her culinary expertise into this story, and literally leaves you hungry for more. Set in the quaintness of the East Coast bed and breakfast scene, characters mingle together in a rich stew of mystery and drama…” —Dear Reader L. Wolfe.

Hewitt & Sons

Book Two of the St. John’s Stories

$2.99 Amazon

Hewitt & Sons Cover

August Hewitt & Sons Butcher Shoppe is a cornerstone business in St. John’s by-the-Sea. Carefully attended to by generations of Hewitt men, the fragile business is now in the hands of Gus, a stand-up, small-town kind of guy who just wants to get great cuts of meat to his loyal, regular customers. A surprise inspection turns a special day at the little shoppe completely upside-down, putting many businesses in St. John’s at risk, especially the blossoming Sweet Soils Inn. Gus is given multiple offers for help, one he seemingly can’t refuse. Or can he? And what would that mean for his business and others?