The Mystery of it All

This Northern Life often brings me full circle. When it happens, I just have to stop and take notice.

[Quiet Thoughts] Of Having It All

God don’t give you everything. But if you’re lucky, you can have a whole lot and have no need for trying to have “it all.” Because we can’t have it all. But we might, if we’re lucky, have enough.

There and Back Again

Got to have a little down-time with a trip to Maryland for Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

[Quiet Thoughts] The Chase Continues

Photo: More Nora Valdez. I’m so delighted by her art. New Englanders are complaining about the rain, but I actually don’t have a problem with it. The raindrops means I get to enjoy all the green without much itchy-eye or non-stop sneezing. “I’m going to build an ark!” The safety-officer told me yesterday morning in…

History Lessons

When the boys asked me a question about the Invincible Hammer in Toad’s Treasure Tracker, well… a little spontaneous history lesson had to happen.

Of Shared Moments and the Artists Who Make Them Happen

Photo: She’s coming along! I wish I had more time to dedicate to her, and that’s an impossible dream at the moment. But the moments I snatch here and there are totally worth it. I’m so pleased with the early results. Making art, in any form, is so deeply rewarding.   You have probably read…

[Quiet Thoughts] Ask Questions and Such

Photo: I’m teaching a short story class through Community Ed and I was looking for some flash fiction to share with the class. This beautiful sentence from Joy Williams’ Ninety-Nine Stories of God made me laugh out loud when I read it. Joy is a genius.   What a week. Right? Has it been a week for you,…

The Good and the Bad of The Warm Times

Photo: I don’t know what these are, but aren’t they the prettiest things?   Spring has come to New England. While the trees are still only just putting out the new-green buds and baby leaves, the grass has gone emerald and the flowers are on parade. it’s an easy observation, but I’m going to write…

The Week that Ate My Brain

Photo: One of the more precious moments of last week. There were plenty. There were also moments when I wanted to eat my children instead of snuggle with them. Thus is motherhood.   I want to start this post by saying that I had every intention of putting up a full week of posts. I was…