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Adventures, Projects, and Surprises

1 month ago

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Photo: So, uh… I should explain.   Last week, three fun things happened that made me really happy. First, I came across the most beautiful knitting pattern I’ve ever seen. You don’t understand. That cardigan screams Kyra. It’s gorgeous. I sent it to my crafting partner, a local artist in town who I love dearly and…

[Quiet Thoughts] of Returning to Ourselves

1 month ago

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Photo: I choose to disregard the mess and see only the tower. Only the tower. There is no mess there. I’m very impressed by the build, and that’s why I share. It’s tall and interesting and they’ve got all the blocks facing just the right way. It’s beautiful. And then there is the runway/parking lot for…

This Good Kid

1 month ago

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Photo: Ursa Major’s 1st grade class visited Good Hope Beach in Gloucester (Glawh-staah in Boston-Speak. Or perhaps Glaaaah-Stah? That might be a different dialect of Boston-Speak) today to collect sea creatures for the tidal pool in their classroom. It was my first ever visit to Gloucester and the beach was lovely. We’re still looking for…