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The Aftermath

1 month ago

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Photo: Motherhood is intense. Can you just feel the intensity in this look, Dear Reader?   If you are living my life, you woke up this morning to a house full of all the consequences for your Mother’s Day weekend ideas. I got to Friday afternoon and said, “I’m taking this weekend off!” The Husband, God…

[Quiet Thoughts] to be Brave

1 month ago

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Photo: Finally! Finally! It only took forever to get both socks done. But ohhhhhh the satisfaction, the warmth… handknit socks really are just the ultimate of luxury and comfort. The ultimate.   I have two college friends who were destined to be together. They got married and we all held our breath for the adorable, hilarious babies who we…

[Quiet Thoughts] Like Yourself Season

2 months ago

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Photo: I grill so hard. I don’t really mean to show off, but I’m feeling really proud of these beauties. Major and The Husband absolutely love scallops. I only got one because of their greed! Super unfair!   When the promised warmth finally arrives, everyone has to have an extremely honest and intimate moment with themselves in the…

Lucky Me

2 months ago

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Photo: Yesterday was the second good day. Too perfect, just too perfect! So perfect, matter of fact, that I gots myself a little sunburn. I’m super sorry-not-sorry for that, because when the warm season is this short, I feel like it’s my sole job to absorb as much pure, unadulterated sunshine as humanly possible. (This is…probably…