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Category: Fail

[Short Post]Can’t Feel Accomplished for More than a Minute

2 years ago

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Photo: Richard! You fool! Get down from there! (Seriously, I forgot to move the damn doll already! Had to throw him up there while the boys were still doing their get-up routine. Thank goodness I remembered!   The Christmas letter is written. The Christmas cards arrived yesterday afternoon (special shout out to the postal worker…

[Short Post] But with a Preview…

2 years ago

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Photo: Two out of my four tomato plants, grown from seed. Martha Stewart says that Millennials are feckless, lazy and mollycoddled… and that we don’t know how to grow anything. Well, Martha, here is one of my abundantly growing beds, full of tomatoes and other plants! Also, Martha, if I needed some woman’s unnecessary and unsolicited critique, I’d…