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Category: Fail

[Short Post]Can’t Feel Accomplished for More than a Minute

9 months ago

294 words

Photo: Richard! You fool! Get down from there! (Seriously, I forgot to move the damn doll already! Had to throw him up there while the boys were still doing their get-up routine. Thank goodness I remembered!   The Christmas letter is written. The Christmas cards arrived yesterday afternoon (special shout out to the postal worker…

[Fail Post] Blame it on the Late Summer Night

12 months ago

460 words

  There is peace in my home right now. Crickets are chirping a late summer song. The dryer is humming, filling the farmhouse with the smell of perfumed fabric softener. There is evidence of the chaos of our day: Batman lays haphazardly on the television stand, three bunch socks rest on the floor in a…