Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now…

I love reading about the journey everyone is on. I have had very similar thoughts this month! Sharing because, sometimes, you don’t even realize that you are walking in lock step with others!

Whose Violence?

Truth tellin’ must be shared and I am happy to pass these thoughts along. I am preparing for another day of having my heart broken by the “justice” system.

[Quiet Thoughts] Extraordinarily Ordinary

Photo: The stomp rockets? Yeah, they got bored with that pretty quickly. Now? It’s a dirt gun. One little boy loads the dirt, another little boy stomps on the pad, dusty messy dirt goes flying, everyone falls over in a fit of giggles. Giggles, of course, devolve into screams of rage when Mama has to…

There will totally be a post tonight, WITH PICTURES and junk!

Quiet Thoughts are impossible in my current circumstance. Too much a’happenin’!! But, I don’t want you to have to wait for the after pictures of the bathroom and front flower bed. So, come Hell or high water, there will be pictures in a post before midnight. Totally worth the wait. I promise. See you then!

Are we really color blind?

I never take the time to stop and read other people’s blogs, and when I do, I’m always delighted. I’m so grateful for this post, especially today, that I have to share.

Yes, I did: the turducken of cheese balls

This is just… so… Ridiculous… I can’t even imagine! I don’t really love cheese like that–as a matter of fact, I don’t even think I’ve tasted half of these cheeses… but, you know, I’m reblogging because A) what is New Year’s without whimsy and B) efforts such as this should be rewarded with exposure.

False Summit

Didn’t I tell ya’ll not to congratulate me? Didn’t I? E-mail from the selling agent: “i will know tomorrow if the town will be able to issue us a Title V certificate for the septic on Thursday. Usually, they can take up to 14 days. They said they’d do their best to get it done…

NFL Is On The Wrong Side of History On This One

I’m a Redskins fan. I was born into it and I love the team. It’s been hard to reconcile all that I know about history, language and hate and still put on my favorite Redskins jersey every Sunday. I know that it’s wrong and yet I sincerely love the team and its players. I wish…