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The Internet Made Me Hate My Notebook (But I Fixed It. We’re Good Now.)

10 months ago

1752 words

Longtime Readers know that I have had a love affair with my Moleskine notebook for a really long time. I first encountered Moleskine when I was in graduate school. I was already enchanted by the very fancy and beautiful Coop to begin with, and just happened to stroll past the “journal” section and saw the…

[Sponsored] My Breakfast Date with a Mouse

1 year ago

1507 words

So, I’m calling this a [Sponsored] post because I was a guest of Disney at the Fairmont Copley hotel for a morning. I didn’t pay to attend this event that I was invited to, this post isn’t selling anything, and I’m not being paid (directly) to write about my experience but…Free breakfast, free valet (that’s valuable…