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Category: Quiet Thoughts

[Quiet Thoughts] Reclaiming Ritual

3 months ago

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Photo: My mother-in-law gifted me an amaryllis bulb for Christmas and it has come into full bloom. This photo was actually taken last week… the sunlight was too dramatic to resist. I’ve never had a “forced bulb” in winter before. It’s an absolutely wonderful gift for the house, adding much-needed color and elegance to the…

[Quiet Thoughts] Practice and Preach

3 months ago

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Photo: I’ve been exploring vegetarian cuisine in both my own cooking and also at local restaurants. This is split pea soup with toasted sourdough croutons. I’m trying to figure out what I can absorb into my family’s regular diet. I’m also curious to know what all the fuss is about. I have very thoughtful, lovely…

[Quiet Thoughts] of Fleeting Fatigue

5 months ago

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Photo: Brussels sprouts roasted with duck fat, ya’ll. I cannot emphasize the deliciousness enough. The joy comes from these two things being delicious in their own rights, but put them together and it’s magic. Om nom nom nom…   Well, Dear Reader, how did you do? How was your dinner of everything and nothing? Did your…