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Category: Quiet Thoughts

[Quiet Thoughts] Let My Heart be Good Soil

1 month ago

1343 words

Photo: They insisted on being “army soldiers” for Halloween. I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t have concerns. Ultimately, we parents greenlighted the costumes because 1) childhood is magic and a kid should be what they want for Halloween, 2) possibilities are limitless and there are only a few things I’m going…

[Quiet Thoughts] Of Delight and Surprise

2 months ago

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Photo: Teacher again. I’m delighted by the differences and similarities of my “old” teacher-self and my “new” teacher-self. In the end, as ever, it’s just me… knowing a little more than I used to and trying something new.   Thanks to my birthday Amazon funbucks, I was able to purchase myself a Fitbit. I’m still…