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Category: This Republic

Congratulate the Students, Then Thank a Teacher

9 months ago

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  Shout-out to every student who walked out of their classroom today. Shoutout to the kids of Montgomery Blair High School (so proud of you, Blazers!) and other D.C. area students who got on the Metro with their signs and their voices to bring their protest directly to the doorstep of the lawmakers and the…

There is a Sit-in on the House Floor Right Now

2 years ago

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  Are you watching? I am. I’m watching. I’m supporting Rep. John Lewis and the Massachusetts delegation and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (making me┬ásuch a proud Marylander right now!) and the other democrats who are on the House Floor speaking about gun violence here in America. We visited Mother Emanuel Church on our way back…


4 years ago

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I’m a history teacher, but I won’t lecture you about those who died for you ability to choose. I’m the mother of boys of color, but I won’t scold you about the link between non-participation and the oppression of powerless or disenfranchised groups. I’m an educated Millennial with student loans, but I won’t push you…