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Category: My Marriage


2 years ago

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Photo: Younger us a long time ago at what we call “Pneumonia Falls.” If you ever visit Niagara Falls, there is the Canadian side (the massive falls that you see in all the pictures and on TV) and then the American side, which is actually a gorgeous national park that is pristine and perfect. Anyway,…

[Quiet Thoughts] What To Do With the Gifts on the Alter

3 years ago

1396 words

Photo: I set out to fix my driveway yesterday during nap time (when I had a million other things to do) because the melting/refreezing cycle has made my driveway an ice rink. My goal was to make some traction spaces… maybe spread some sand. But the barn wouldn’t open (despite so much effort). So, I took…

Of Weather Balloons and Mustard Seeds

4 years ago

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Photo: It’s done! It’s done! It’s done, it’s done, it’s done! My first foray into hand-piecing! Hooray! Now, you’re probably confused: “It’s not symmetrical! It’s also sorta small!” You’re right! Because it’s not gonna be a square! It’s gonna be something else. Stay tuned! I’ve gotta buy some tracing paper before I can do the next part……