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Category: Our Old House

Full Stop

3 years ago

847 words

Photo: Little boys getting cozy with chickens a few days ago. Being a parent is fascinating stuff– the world blows up and they just don’t know. You keep their world spinning with your calm and your focus. They really do follow… it’s amazing.   It was a gray and drizzly morning yesterday, so when the sound…

Color My World

4 years ago

970 words

Photo: Monochromatic is not my aesthetic, you dig? Someone turn on the technocolor, please! Oh my God. Another foot of snow today! So. Effing. Depressing. (Longtime readers know that I don’t usually start whining about winter until March… sorry!) Ok… maybe before March… but I don’t start complaining in earnest until March, usually. I mean, come on. This is just…

I’m Totally Not Freaking Out about NaNoWriMo… Obviously….

4 years ago

1091 words

Photo: I may have a new phone that may have a better camera than my old one. It may take awesome pictures of my stone fence. Maybe. Does this mean no more blurry pictures on the blog!?!? Studies show…   I sat down in this chair and started writing this post and started having a…