Wednesday Moment: Noticing the Change

Color returns. Well, different color. It’s a time to notice that the green is changing to other hues, and those hues will be spectacular for a brief amount of time before simply going away. Just as with the Spring, I can’t help but look up at notice it all. Ooo, look at that, has been the prevailing sentence in the car to and from school.

As much as I loathe the Winter, which is the inevitability after the Fall, I simply cannot help myself: I love this season.

I love this season because it’s a gentle transition. It’s so much more pleasant than the Spring-to-Winter change. No sneezing, little rain, no impatient longing for things to just get better already! This season is a slow conversation between us and all the other living things.

The time for production is ending, they seem to say. The time for rest is coming soon.

Of course, we humans here in the suburbs are on a different schedule. Production is only just ramping up as routines finally start to jell. We seem to say back to everything around us, “leaving so soon? We’re just getting started!”

Wacky as it is, the universe is still in balance, despite it all.

As much as I love all-pumpkin-everything, and apple cider, and the cider donuts (the greatest thing New England has ever come up with! The greatest, most wonderful food that ever there is!), the best part of this time of year is the re-noticing of the world. How can you do anything but look up and out? How can you not notice something new every day? How can you not enjoy the paradox of it: it’s so spectacularly beautiful just for the purpose of going away.

In this mid-week moment(a new thing I’m trying out), I invite you to notice the change. What’s one thing different today? What change are you looking forward to?

Fridays are for wishes. I’m hoping Wednesdays will be for a quick moment to zoom in (or out) and breathe into a moment. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

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  1. Leah Wolfe says:

    Just went outside to water the grass. It’s 7:37 and only 81 degrees. Thought I was gonna have to put a coat on.

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