Color and Texture

Photo: School picture day came with a fashion show on Friday. Both boys had clean, detangled hair, and full, multi-layered outfits. I broke out my good camera to capture the moment because I’m not convinced I’m going to get better photos of them between now and Christmas card time. Matter of fact, if I were a smart woman, I’d just go ahead and order up my Christmas cards right now!

Friday was for photo-day fussing, writing group attending, dinner making, and book club moderating. I don’t think I spent a single moment in front of this computer on Friday. So it goes with this life now, Dear Reader. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. Still, I’m sorry.

The writing group part is kinda important: I’m a little over 20,000 words into my novel and submitted the last chapter of “act one” to my group for critique. The feedback has been positive and helpful. I’m on track to finish this book in reasonable time and finish it well. After a break this weekend, I woke up and got back to it. Our next deadline is the 27th, my 35th birthday.

What a difference some 6 years makes. Some of you Dear Readers joined me around my 29th birthday when I boldly declared I’d publish my 1st novel by my 30th. That was a big fat failure. One that stung, but didn’t shatter. I’ve done a whole hell of a lot since then. Including self-publishing two novellas. But still, the chase for the larger accomplishment has been on. The biggest lesson I’ve learned in these 6 years? Don’t go it alone. Writing actually does require community. Lead when called to do so, enjoy following when possible, show up no matter what. Growth in craft and opportunities to shine will come with time. My biggest birthday wish this year is to get one “yes” for one of the stories I’ve got out on submission. I’ve got two pieces that have been out and wish publishers for months with no reply. Cross your fingers for me, Dear Reader. It would be such an affirming thing to receive a positive email.

We got up as a family on Saturday and went out to look at tiles for the downstairs bathroom. It’s been a long, long journey for The Husband, but we’re finally getting to the finishing stage. We crossed the universe to go to this place called Tile Showcase in Watertown. If you live in Massachusetts and you need tile for something, I highly recommend them. When we were first thinking about the bathroom tiles, we started with Home Depot and were deeply disappointed. Their selection was limited and…boring, frankly. When you walk into Tile Showcase, you can’t settle your eye on anything that isn’t tile. It’s all tile everything. Everything! Which was overwhelming as hell. But we were hooked up with a consultant, who helped us focus and figure things out. The boys, as you can imagine, had a ball looking at everything and discerning what they wanted. This is where we landed.

The paper you see is our color palette inspiration. Minor, of course, demanded yellow/gold for the bathroom, while Major demanded deep royal blue. I am attracted to reds. Our color consultant at the paint store found that pretty pattern, which is actually a fabric pattern for shades, and all three of us were like, ooooooo! So, she printed this out and sent me to the tile store with it. Can’t chose paint colors until we choose the tiles, she said.

The wood that is under the piece of paper is actually not wood at all. It’s porcelain tile. Isn’t that crazy? We chose this because of the texture and grain that the tile mimics. It looks very similar to our real, “distressed,” ancient hardwood floors in the house. The blue tile will go on the shower walls. I also love it fore the texture that it has. I think it’s visually appealing and very different than all of the other stuff I’ve seen around here. And the shiny… well, let’s get a close up:

The shiny caused a bit of controversy in the family unit, but I’m absolutely in love with it. We’re not using a lot of it, I promise! Only about 4 square feet. It’s going to go in the soap nook in the shower. We were all trying to decide between two yellows that I hated and then our consultant disappeared and came back with this. It was instantaneous love.

I loved it. Minor loved it. The Husband loved that I love it (I don’t think he would have chosen it). Major hated it and says he’s never going to use the bathroom if it goes in there. I explained to that child that he ain’t contributing nary a nickle to the dime that’s required to purchase all this tile, so I’m not sure how far his opinion is going to carry. He…didn’t like that very much, either. In the end, because both of my children seem to pull the pattern of the universe to their bidding, he might get what he wants. When put into the computer, that tile is supposedly listed at $70 per square foot, which I think is insane. For context, the wood-looking tile is $7 per square foot and is essential for the bathroom. The wall tile is somewhere in the ballpark of $16 per square foot, also essential, and reasonable given the intricate texture. Anyway, the consultant said she’ll confirm when she’s back at work tomorrow. The Husband and I said we’d think about it.

Just to be clear, tile is crazy. Look at this:

Beautiful, right? Lovely, lovely. Fell in love with these, too. They’re hand-painted. $110 for the that panel of 4 you see there. Can you imagine? Can you imagine? And I know these weren’t the most expensive tiles there. I learn so much every time we do house stuff. And just to be clear: No, we did not purchase these. (But they are pretty!)

And now? Well, I gotta go back to the paint store to get a paint color! Design is so much work! 🙂 Stay tuned for that. The Husband keeps saying we’re going to have a finished bathroom by 2020. I pray that is so. I don’t want to be the one to hold us up!

It’s a new week, Dear Reader. So many opportunities. Don’t forget to notice the color and texture of your life at the moment. Choose to notice what you’ve got. Choose to fall in love with something surprising and new. Choose to invest in what you value. Choose to leave behind what’s simply beyond you or is holding you back. Every week offers new choices. I trust you’ll let wisdom be your guide, Dear Reader.

I’m going to choose to publish 3 times this week! You’ll see!

Until Wednesday, take care.

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