[Semi-Quiet Thoughts] It’s Hot, Y’all!

Photo: Meet Mogul the Whale! We saw him today at the Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary! We watched him eat and poop, basically. It was amazing. This was my third whale watch. It never gets old.

Oh, Dear Reader! We are so, so smart! The smartest, smartest people!

We’re sitting around on Thursday night thinking about how much today’s weather was gonna suck. We were like, “what are we going to do about the 100 degree weather!?” Being in this house while it’s how would just suck.

We debated about purchasing a new A/C unit for the downstairs. The Husband, in want of some fancy thing, was talkin’ ’bout a $280 machine. We decided to nix that because we need to spend a little over $900 to get new tires for the Sienna (I just cannot right now with the neediness of life. The house, the van, everything everything… we think we are getting ahead and then we get slapped right back down!).

We thought about going to the beach and then quickly thought better of it. Everyone would be at the beach. There are few things we hate more than a crowded beach.

“What about Nantucket or something?” My husband ventured. We have free tickets to the ferry. “There is no way there is a hotel room available on either island,” I said.

I was wrong. There was one hotel room open this weekend. For $2450. The White Elephant Resort on Nantucket looks like an extraordinary place. A night’s stay there is now on my bucket list.

Dejected, we two (broke) parents resigned ourselves to an uncomfortable weekend.

Then my husband had a stroke of genius. “What about a whale watch? We still have the rain check tickets!”


And arrangements were made. Easily, actually, which is also a blessing.

The sun was still strong out there on the ocean, but there was enough breeze coming off of the water to make us all feel comfortable. And when the air was moving, Lord, let me tell you… better than air conditioning! Absolutely amazing! Fresh, fresh air, perfect views… awesomeness. Seeing a real, actual whale was just bonus. Hearing the oooos and ahhhhhs and woooows from the boys was icing. The Husband and I just kept high-fiving. “Smartest people in the state!” I proclaimed. The tourists all around us thought we were crazy.

The other blessing? The Husband has a co-worker who just installed ductless minisplits all over her house, so she had 4 window A/C units to give away. We took two. One is currently cooling the bottom floor of this house. I’m drinking a beer. My belly is full of the chicken I friend when I got home. What I’m trying to say is, living your best life is absolutely possible. It’s the little things, and the big things, and using your noggin’ and saying thank you 10 million times.

And that’s where my Quiet Thoughts are… the patchwork of many little blessings that, sewn together, can create the quilt of a perfect day. Discomfort was temporary. The memories will last and last. The pictures are phenomenal. The house, happily, is cool. Thanks be to God for the many, many blessings.

It’s Saturday, so it’s still the weekend. I won’t bog you down with too many wishes. (Is such a thing possible? Probably not.) I really only wish you one thing: To stay cool out there, Dear Reader. It’s hot. Really hot. Actually hot. Dangerously hot. So please, please, do what you must to be safe out there.

Shout out to one of my Dearest Readers who lives out in Arizona who lives with this heat REGULARLY every single summer! I don’t know HOW you do it, friend! This heat is NOT ok!

You are loved. On the hottest day, on the coldest, and all the days in between. What you do in this world matters. You are part of someone’s patchwork quilt of blessings. Never forget that, Dear Reader. Never forget the you are part of the very fabric of blessings in this world. Sew with care, weave with gratitude, embroider with purpose. In other words, shine your brightest and be your best self. Always. When you do so, others are inspired to do the same. This is how we force back the darkness and make a better world for ourselves.

Thank you for your patience with me, Dear Reader. Until Monday, take good care.

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  1. Dude! just emailed you about this heat!. It’s hotter out there than here, and that’s bananas. Plus, you have humidity which is deadly. We’re all just living like vampires, as ppl do here in summer. Drive through a neighborhood in the Valley around peak heat of day and it’ll feel like the rapture – noooo body outside. We still pop out for normal stuff when it’s below 100. I walk doggies in the am before 8, and walk my doggies after 10 pm when the concrete cools. Still pretty hot, but you do get used to dealing with it. I have to do things in spurts because I get heat stroke really easy, and that is the least amount of fun one can have. It’s like going crazy and dying at the same time. Bonus being stuck in Phx traffic with it lol. Thanks for posting an update. I was getting a little worried about you guys, as I do.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! We hit 38 degrees celcius this week near me (that’s ~100F) and of course no air con, British buildings built to keep in the heat, etc etc… I spent most of my time passed out on the sofa because I couldn’t function at all. Thankfully Friday was thunderstorms and rain and now we’re back to sensible temperatures, but damn, it was hot.

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