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Photo: There is a new ramen joint in my area, and when I heard about it I was like yay! So I bopped over on Wednesday to check it out and was like om nom nom. It was 90 degrees outside, it was not a day for spicy noodles, yet I slurped with delight and let the grease run down my chin without care. When New England goes back to cold-mode, I fear I’ll be in this place every day. Not good for the wallet, nor the blood pressure… but if one does not appease the belly, what’s even the point of living? What’s even the point, I ask you!?

It is a rainy Friday morning in MetroWest Massachusetts, and I am a woman unhurried.

I reminded myself and others this week that I am still a busy woman. My tasklist is ever long and always growing, but I spent this week unhurried. The tasks will get done when they get done and that’s just how it is.

The boys and The Husband enjoyed boy scout camp this week. Out at 7:45 in the morning and not back until 5:15ish in the afternoon. No pick up or drop off for me, which actually makes a big difference. My only sacrifice has been my normal morning coffee/reading time, used to make sandwiches and ready water bottles. But once they’ve left the house, the day has been mine.

I convinced myself I was going to work out every day. I did for 3 days, so I’m happy with that. 🙂 I convinced myself laundry was going to be caught-up on. That didn’t happen. Sheets probably should make it into the wash today. We’ll see. My biggest domestic accomplishment, frankly, has been getting dinner on the table every evening. Work for the bookstore has happened, meetings with friends and colleagues from Rector Search, too. I ran a digital-write-in for the Writer’s Guild last night, peeked at the curriculum for my noveling class…. I even prepped fabric for the samples I need to make for my upcoming fabric arts class. I’ve done stuff this week… but there have been languishing times, too. Times for reading. Times for staring out the window at the birds. Times for knitting. Times for finishing my audiobook. Times for knowing there were things to be done and choosing not to do them.

There was a minute on Wednesday when I felt bad about my laziness. This time is a gift, I really should do more with it.

Thanks be to God for the newfound language I’ve experienced around the idea of rest. Lord, just rest. Be still for a minute. I was a high-functioning adult for an extended and sustained amount of time. I’ve been called to rest. I actually can’t do more than I am. This isn’t laziness. This is hard-won sabbath.

This time is a gift. I’m using it as intended.

And so, I am a woman unhurried and unworried. Things have gotten done. Things will be done in their time.

My Quiet Thoughts are on the sustainability of balance and unsustainability of extremes. For example: the busyness of my winter and spring were unsustainable. I did them and they took a lot from me. The unhurriedness of my current week is just as unsustainable. Deadlines are deadlines and needs are needs. I’ll eventually have to get back to them. What is sustainable is the lesson they both teach: the universe is a balanced place. Impossibly busy yesterday earns unhurried tomorrow. You cannot have one without the other. Yes, there are the days in-between that are a little bit of both… that’s part of the balance, too. But eventually, the pendulum reaches the farthest point of its arc and begins to swing back again.

How are you feeling this Friday, Dear Reader? If you are feeling the unsustainable stress of a very busy season, is there an unhurried time you can look forward to? Are you setting the groundwork to make it happen? If not, is it possible to do so? And if you’re in an unhurried moment, do you feel bad about it? Why? What can you do right now to sink deeply into a restful, well-earned sabbath time? I suppose this is a post to remind you to breathe deeply, knowing that you’re on your way to rest or your on your way back to busyness. Know where you are at the moment and act accordingly. You might not be able to predict just where the next valley is or quite rightly assess how steep the ascent to the next peak might be.

It’s Maryland humid here in Massachusetts. The rain has brought a lovely coolness, but the air is thick and fragrant. At church yesterday, the old wood smell intermingled with the perfumed summer air just right and took me right back home to Grandy’s church. It brought me to a cold stop, though I’m proud to write that I didn’t cry. Perhaps the Holy Spirit just has a general smell: ancient wood, lingering powder and perfume, moisture, leaves, and flowers. Or perhaps Grandy was with me for about 15 minutes yesterday just to check in. I hope she liked whatever she saw. Sometimes, I really wonder and I hope.

Dear Reader, Fridays are for Quiet Thoughts and for Wishes because weekends should be unhurried times when you can luxuriously linger over new ideas. I know this isn’t the case for every person: working people work, even over the weekends. If that’s the case for you, I hope you know that my wishes still apply to you. No matter who you are or how you spend your weekends, I wish you a bit of ease. May a bit of unhurried time find its way into your life. May you have the confidence to know that everything will get done even after you take care of yourself. I wish you time to sink into your pillow or your favorite seat on the couch, or that hammock or that poolside lounger. When you’ve sufficiently rested, I wish you the energy to do whatever is left to be done gracefully and well. I wish you freshly harvested things: garlic scapes, sugar snap peas, corn, tomatoes, greens…. whatever is freshest and best, I do hope it makes its way to your place this weekend. You’re literally eating sunshine and soil… be nourished and feel full. I wish you a good belly laugh. Preferably from a joke made by your favorite person. I wish you a piece of really good advice spoken from a wise one in your life. I wish you a visit from someone beloved–be they still among us or in the existence beyond. Don’t be afraid to be loved by those beyond us. Be still, know, be glad, and then keep going.

This is a good time to remind you that you are, indeed, loved. No matter what happened to you this week, there was someone somewhere loving you through it all. You are loved because you are amazing, because you are flawed, because you are complex, because you simply are. You are not loved because of any measure of success imposed by society. You are loved without reason because love is irrational. You are loved because you are infinitely beautiful and because what you do matters. Continue to walk in the world knowing these things and be sure to remind others you encounter along the way. This life is short and we don’t have a lot of time to show the people around us just how beloved they are. Shine brightly in this dark world knowing that others will see your light and be inspired to do the same. It makes a difference, I promise you.

Until Monday, be unhurried, be nourished, be open to laughter, be bright and shining, and be sure to take good, good care.

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  1. ecappard says:

    Yes! the weekend should be unhurried, yet we find ourselves rushing to get there and jamming all moments of happiness into two days. Why not spread the joy to each day to be savored, like hot spicy noodles on a warm summer day. Thanks for the reflective pause.

  2. Great uplifting post.
    My kids love Ramen too, we are living in Korea .. so they can get as much as they want!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      I am VERY jealous! Being able to eat ramen whenever (for what I’m assume is MUCH cheaper than what I’m paying) would be kind of amazing! Also, bad for my waistline and bloodpressure… but ohhh how my taste buds would sing!

      Also, all the kimchi. Also, allll the bulgogi. Also, all the dumplings? Also, basically, all the food.

      The book I’m reading by Steph Cha follows a Korean family and there is much mention of food. I’m often looking for a snack after I read a chapter!

  3. I’m not especially hurried or busy at the moment, but I *have* been stressed, because I’m house-hunting — trying to find somewhere to live in Cambridge, where I’m moving for a job starting in September. Renting is terrible. Everything about this process is bad. I hate it.

    Having said that, I made a list of creative projects and organisational things I need to get done before I move and… it’s long. So long. I am possibly just in denial about how busy I secretly am.

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