[Fail] Wednesdays in May

First of all: Have you ever done that thing where you know a thing is coming, but it’s pretty far off, so you just don’t do anything about it until the last second (or, in my case, it’s blowing all around you and you’re totally screwed)? Yeah, that’s me this allergy season. Spring has been a’springin’, tree leaves have been a’poppin’, grass has been a’sproutin’ and I’ve been looking around like a dope like, “oh, hey, I guess allergy season will be here soon.”

Yeah, well, now it’s here, and I’m like just taking my first spritz of Flonase like a complete moron. I should have been on this shit for a week, but noooooo, I’m just not that bright. So when I’m done typing this, I’m going to get a cold compress and put it on my eyes while I also chop things and fry things for dinner. Good times.

Second of all: Wednesdays in May are a total wash. When I’m done with this dinner stuff, I have to get out of here and go to a Vestry meeting at church. We have reached the climax of the Rector Search: visits are happening, deep discernment is going on, and I have to get and keep everyone in formation. There are dinner parties every Wednesday until the end of the month. I know, you’re like, oooo, that sounds like fun. But it’s not really. It’s social and a lot of work and I’m in charge.

So, expect this to be a blank space on Wednesdays. We’ll get back to the 3-post schedule in June. Better to just call it now than feel guilty all month long.

But Friday is the Friday before Mother’s Day, so I have Quiet Thoughts. I’ll be here for them, I promise.

If you are the praying type, please pray for me. There is a lot going on and May is set up to be brutal. June is going to be great, but May is just rough.

If you aren’t the praying type, please simply forgive me and know that I’m grateful you stopped by and keep stopping by. I’ll be back to full strength in June.

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

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  1. Praying you are sustained by God’s grace!

  2. Trish says:

    Proud of you for just saying, Wed. posts aren’t going to work for me right now. THAT’s real self-care. As for that first paragraph about knowing something is coming and knowing it’s coming and then damn it’s here…sadly that describes most of my life. Let’s just call that a learning edge.

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