The Good and the Bad of The Warm Times

Photo: I don’t know what these are, but aren’t they the prettiest things?


Spring has come to New England. While the trees are still only just putting out the new-green buds and baby leaves, the grass has gone emerald and the flowers are on parade. it’s an easy observation, but I’m going to write it anyway: I absolutely love the eager energy of Spring. Where Autumn is about burning bright and holding on tight until the last bit of color falls way, Spring is an exuberant explosion, a thirsty and yearning reach for the warm sun and the sweet air. Who wouldn’t want to reach out for more? Who wouldn’t want to reach ever higher? The coolest thing about this time of year is going to bed in a world you know and waking up the next morning in some new sort of place, with new colors to look at.

Where I love summer and the warmth that it brings, I feel sad that somehow this green and color become old hat. The trees will just be trees. The bushes, flowers and other plants will be just ho-hum members of the visual landscape.

But today? Today! Today, they are trees, oh my God and oh my God, look at those flowers and my goodness, those bushes are looking so full and healthy! And don’t get me started on the low-light of evening when the sky is gray and the light of sunset makes  all the color on the trees and plants pop in the most fantastical way. Add that to a backdrop of farmland older than nation, old farmhouses and fences and rows of ready-to-sow soil and…this place is really something.

The change in landscape means a change of living in the house. The playroom is so warm that we don’t need the space heater in there anymore. The playfort is still a perfect size for playing. The boys, living in full appreciation of Gameboys and other video games, have been slower than usual to get back to their toys and outside fun. I don’t blame them… I love Mario Kart just as much as they do. Yet still, “y’all gotta go!”

It’s funny. I thought as the boys grow older it would be easier for me to say “go outside” and they would be able to entertain themselves in the yard. I mean, that’s what I did as a kid, and I wasn’t no free-range child. I haven’t been wrong in my hope, per se, but just over simplistic in my vision.  Keeping the boys entertained outside usually means we’ve gotta go somewhere: the park, an empty parking lot for biking, the local bike trail (though I don’t have a bike, so that’s a Daddy thing), etc etc. Spring means we’re out and about. Spring means back to an “active” lifestyle.

Spring means back to gettin’ up early to get all this work done. ‘specially when school lets out and, believe it or not, that’s not that far away. Not that far at all.

Which is a good self-reminder that I’ve got to get back to work. I’m teaching a new class and it starts tomorrow evening. I have 4 student stories I need to read in preparation. Gotta find my confident teacher groove again. Because the universe is always in balance, and has a lovely sense of humor, I got my latest rejection letter while writing this post.

It’s ok. I think I want to make that piece more than a short story anyway.

It’s Wednesday and the world outside is beautiful, Dear Reader. Take your allergy medication and get outside for a bit, yeah? Bonus points if you have a great book to take with you. Have you visited an independent bookstore lately? Go make friends with one today!

I’ll see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


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  1. love of the living perfectly stated

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