[Fail] A Week to Be Crazy

Photo: Isn’t that the coolest? My dear friend Tracy, who owns Happy Owl Glassworks, has made a gorgeous series of glass owls! They are all unique and she sells them for $45. The coolest part? They are magnetic and come with a little magnet for you to stick somewhere so that you can display your owl on the wall. 🙂 Anyway, pop by her Etsy store and see all of the beautiful stuff that she has on offer.


I am having one of those weeks: too many obligations, not enough hours. Not nearly enough hours. I want to write, I need to write, but my bandwidth is divided on so many other things. I hate leaving the blog for a week for something other than vacation. Lord knows a break is due, but this isn’t a break. This is just “I don’t want to write typo-filled (or curse word-filled) nonsense for my Dear Readers this week. That would be non-awesome.”


I am stepping away to give myself this much needed time to do what I need to do. Then next week, I hope to have lots of pictures of two little bears enjoying their school vacation week.

Okay? Ok.

Take good care of yourself this week, Dear Reader. I’ll see you on the 15th.





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