What to do with your disappointment


Well, so, The Report turned the way everything seems to turn out right now: nothing and everything, everything and nothing. Smoke and mirrors. “Nothingburger” topped with propaganda, served with a side of bullshit.

Believe me, Mueller’s report (or, rather, the cliffnotes as handed down by the AG) was a big disappointment for me, too. When the news broke at 4:30 on Friday, I already knew it had nothing in it. Monumental news doesn’t break late on Fridays. But more importantly, it is disappointing because it confirmed what I already knew:

Nobody is coming to save us.

Dear Reader, nobody is coming to save us. We have to save ourselves.

This has always, always been the case.

Last November, we were lucky to earn back the House. I wrote the next day that we had earned 2 good years of work to take back the reigns of this democracy.   I think that some people were still holding out hope that this regime was going to come to some sort of abrupt end when the Mueller Report came out. I don’t know if this is because of a trust in institutions or wishful thinking or what… but here was are and this is a really good time to remind people that the work continues. Yes, investigations will still happen. Yes, there are battles yet to be fought and won. Yes, a weakening of this President is still possible as more things happen. But the bottom line is that nobody is going to save us. Our democracy is our work to do. We are a few months into these two years. It’s a time to sober up and get back to work.

You have to get back to work, Dear Reader. If you haven’t been doing any work, make today the day. Choose to step in and do something. Claim a fire and start to fight it.

  • Defend voting rights in your community and state: volunteer to help at the polls. Help people register to vote. Talk to people about voter registration right now and keep talking about it. Help people obtain absentee ballots when the time comes. Volunteer to drive people to the polls when the time comes. Give money to national or local organizations actively working on voter registration.
  • Support women’s rights in your community and state: Support clinics that support the women’s health (especially vulnerable and/or poor women). Support shelters that house women and children. Volunteer for organizations that educate and advocate for women’s health or pay equality. Give money to national or local organizations actively working on women’s issues. Hire a woman, if you are a job-maker or decision-maker, and pay her a living wage.
  • Advocate for a better climate. Educate yourself on divesting in fossil fuels and getting major organizations to do the same. Advocate for safer alternatives to plastic bags and straws in your community businesses. Protect conservation land while considering equitable community use. Create opportunities for others to make small, but significant steps toward sustainable living. Give money to national and local organizations actively working on multi-pronged solutions for climate change.
  • Protect and educate the children. Volunteer in your local school or library. Teach a class through your local community education program. Become a sustaining patron for a child advocacy group like a children’s museum or a parent empowerment group.  Become a mentor for young people who need it.  In this, get local and stay local.
  • Choose one legitimate news outlet and support good journalism. I hear it’s NPR Pledge week. Just sayin’…
  • Choose one candidate who is running for president and volunteer for them. Frankly, there are too many. But choose one, give a little money, and then raise your hand to volunteer. When the time comes for us all to consolidate, stay involved.
  • Listen to people of color. Stop talking over us and asking us questions. Just stop and listen and know.
  • Choose to no longer let white supremacy and bigotry metastasize in your own home.  At the family table, at that backyard party, with that uncle who drinks too much… engage.

Honestly, there are too many other opportunities to write here. I hope you get the general point. There are a million fires that need to be put out. Plant your feet in front of one of them and start fighting one. Take your disappointment and turn it into something worthwhile. Do not stop until the work is done.

Do not stop until the work is done. Because nobody is coming to save us. Only we can do that.

It’s Monday, Dear Reader. The start of a new week. A call to action. What will you do with this precious time? How will you seize this opportunity to get something done?

I’m here with you. I’m working hard, too. Let’s change the world together, ok?

Until Wednesday, get back to work, and take good care.


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