[Fail] Ran out of time

Photo: The boys and I were introduced to Daurma Otoshi yesterday while at the Discovery Museum! They had students from Showa Boston at the Museum teaching kiddos all sorts of different from Japanese things. We played Daurma Otoshi, the boys played ball-in-a-cup (and brought a cup and ball home), and we had fun playing with lovely Japanese students. I love, love, love the Discovery Museum.


So, Dear Reader, I’m sorta out of time this week.  I have a thing to do this evening, and I still have to make dinner, and tomorrow is a busy day. I am also a little out of heart: we got yet another piece of bad news today, and I’m just… augh, I’m just a bit done. It certainly takes the inspiration right out of you when there is yet another fire to put out.

So I’m going to cut my losses and say goodbye to this week. I was on a good fail-free streak, too, wasn’t I??

But here, let’s have some wishes:

I wish you blue skies and a little warm air. Dear Readers in the middle of the country could certainly use that after that crazy storm, no? I wish that for you. I wish you melting snows and a little less tightness in your chest. I wish that all will be well for you.

I wish you birdsong and new animal sightings. We’re on baby fox watch here! Papa fox has been hunting round-the-clock. We think kits are born and mama is making milk for a lot of hungry mouths. I hope beyond hope I can get some pictures for you this year!

I wish you something yummy, combining a little of the winter cozy with a little of the crisp new season ahead. Pasta with tender veggies? Something over salad? I don’t know. Experiment and find something awesome. Pair it with good, good wine.

Above all, I wish you peace. Lord, does the world need it. If you are in New Zealand, I wish you and your country peace that lasts and heals. If you are Muslim, I wish you a little hope, and the knowledge that the world mourns with you today and loves you always. I hope you know that white supremacist idiots don’t reflect us all. I hope you know that we are praying for you.

Today is yet another day full of reminders that light is needed, love is required. Your neighbor needs you to shine your brightest. Open your heart. Reach out and shine your brightest. Bring about goodness in a dark, dark world. Because you are so loved, be sure to extend that love to others.

I’m off to rest my weary soul. I’ll see you on Monday, Dear Reader. Until then, take care.

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  1. joanesh says:

    No “fail” here. Just life. But I’m sorry you have yet another bump in the road to deal with, whatever it is. We all have bumps, large and small. Suffering and hardship respect no one and no season (as we were devastatingly reminded of with this week’s world events). We are no exeception.

    My wish for you this week is that you’ll be surrounded with folks who “get” it, who offer real, tried-and-true hope for discouragement (not platitudes), who can provide peace for an unsettled soul, comfort for your heartache, and a safe place to process if you need to process aloud.

    I’m glad for your adventure at the Discovery Museum (we have one here in Philly, and I loved taking my kiddos there when they were young), even if for no other reason than it gave you time to play and be lighthearted and perhaps even to giggle with those fine sons of yours.

    I wish you all things good and right and joyous and true this week, even as you find yourself facing hard news. May your sweet soul find encouragement and rest. Be kind and gentle with yourself, give yourself grace and time to do what you need to do, and don’t worry about us, your readers. We’ll be here whenever you find the margin to return. <3

    All the best to you,

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