Happy Halloween (or whatever)!

Photo: Ursa Major’s first Halloween waaaaaaayyyy back a million years ago. He was such a serious baby. He’s still a pretty serious baby.


I walked into my CVS this morning to purchase a wrist brace because the universe is tryin’ to slow me down and I’m like, nope! This is what I found: bone brides and grooms hanging out next to nutcracker dolls. Glitter teddybears with elf hats on sitting atop of piles of halloween candy. People behind the counter were wearing superhero costumes, while people in front of the counter were wearing shirts with cats holding signs that say “grab ’em by the Midterms.” Plenty of other people were covered head-to-toe in Sox gear, either on their way to the city or lamenting not being able to head down for the parade.

What a strange, confusing sight. Imagine if an alien from another planet had walked in and saw that. We’d be on the shortlist for planet-wide cleansing.

Ok… that’s hyperbolic.

But it was weird! It was!

I admit that I’m grumpy without much cause to be. I get it from my Mom, I’m pretty sure. She never liked this holiday. I admit that after the trick-or-treat years were over, I never found a real passion all of this nonsense. I don’t want a sexy costume. I don’t want all types of candy, just certain select ones. I don’t like being out at night, generally, and I don’t like being out and extroverted at night. Add to that all the child-management because of the boys, and it’s just… yawn. Can’t we just stay home? No? Augh, fine.

Halloween is usually a day for getting ready for some dumb party. This year, though, I’m not a classroom mom, so I’m free! And we’re going to a friend’s for Trick-or-Treating, so alls I have to do is pick up pizza and gooooo. Easy, easy, easy. I hope. I pray.



Oh, my class. You want to know how that went?


It was awesome!

And yes, I did have a piece workshopped yesterday and yes, I am still alive to tell the tale! It was a very pleasant experience. No one told me I should pack up and go home. I actually got a lot of compliments and very helpful notes on the piece I brought to class. I am feeling really good!

For locals who read this blog, I highly recommend you think about taking a class at Grub Street. I was delighted to walk into a place full of interesting people who are all there for the same thing. My instructor, Kit Haggard, is soft-spoken, but smart and witty and caring. She had a lot of material for us and she set a tone that was supportive and serious. I loved her attention to our thoughts and our pieces. She already has me thinking about new ways to approach my own class that I teach here in my community. It’s really wonderful stuff. Matter of fact, even if you aren’t local, you should still take a Grub Street class. They do online courses, too!

Unfortunately, I can’t go to class next week. My school district is closed because of the election, which is really, really annoying. I’ll be home with my boys. There is another mom in my class who is in the same boat, so at least mine won’t be the only empty chair. There is still reading and writing to do, though: not just for class, but for NaNoWriMo, and my church project, and my book club, and this blog, and and anndd…. so anyway, I won’t be sulking and doing nothing.

So, I’m going to keep the post short and sweet today. I have the wrist brace on, but it’s still uncomfortable to type. Gonna get my reading, take an advil and see if I feel better in a little bit.

It’s Halloween, which is a silly holiday. I know many of ya’ll Dear Readers like it, so, you know… yay for you. 🙂 I hope ya’ll enjoy the day and get many and much candy this evening!

And for you super cool Dear Readers, happy Almost NaNoWriMo!!!

I’ll see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts (if my wrist doesn’t snap off!).

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