It’s All Crashing Down

Photo: Ooooo, so autumnal! So artisianal! We so fancy! These three pumpkins are from our garden! Aren’t they adorable? I don’t know why each one is so different. I think it’s weird and wonderful.


Ok, I admit that my title is hyperbolic.

It’s a reflection of my growing anxiety and dread. There is plenty to ruminate about as the election looms, and there is plenty for me to personally worry about as stuff here at home seems to shred to pieces.

Let’s start with the bus. The bus is… a no-go.

Last Monday, I started the new bus situation with an open mind. I knew no one was going to be able really replace John for us, but I told myself that I would be satisfied with whoever we got.

Then we got… whoever we got… A man old enough to be my grandfather, who didn’t tell us his name barley looked at the children as they boarded. Me and the other moms at the stop were put off, and the kids reported nothing but bad news when they returned in the afternoon.

I told my boys we were going to try again. It couldn’t be that bad.

But by Thursday, I was driving them to school. Timing got worse (the afternoons were bad already and then they got worse), the boys complained and complained, and I wasn’t digging the dude’s vibe despite my attempts at staying positive.

So here I am again, transporting the boys back and forth from school. It’s fine and it’s not fine. Do I enjoy a bit more flexibility in the mornings? Yes. Am I going to relish being in my warm van instead of freezing my tush off while I wait for the bus? Yes. Am I going to enjoy driving in the slush and the ice every morning when winter comes? Hells to the no. This also makes my afternoons tighter, and nobody needs or wants that.

The biggest ramification has to do with the upcoming days of snow driveways and slushy streets. I hate the winter. I hate driving in it. I know I have this van… we did all that work to find an affordable all-wheel-drive van… but I still feel nervous about getting out in that weather and doing this driving. Better to put them on the big, heavy bus.

It’s not the end of the world, but it’s a change at a time when steady would sure be nice. We’ve got a lot going on, me especially, and I would really value some steadiness or some taking away of things rather than adding one more obligation to my days. Anyway, so that’s that. We’ll try again next year. Perhaps I’ll have a full-time job by the next school year, requiring them to get on the bus. Fingers crossed…

Anyway… Lordy.

The reason why I didn’t write on Friday (besides having fallen asleep just as soon as the senatorial debate was over), is because the boys going on a Scouts campout seemed to eat my Friday night and most of my day Saturday. I didn’t even go camping with them, but somehow the infrastructure of it all took up a lot of my time!

I like Scouts. I think it’s good for the boys and it’s very good for The Husband. As I’ve written before about myself, I am really enjoying watching all this “leadership training” that he got in his youth now blossom into what he has become today. And let this serve as a general lesson: “leadership” training isn’t bullshit. It really does do stuff. I’ve seen it in myself and I’ve watched it in my husband.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with camping.

I like Scouts, but I hate camping.

I hate camping because it means dragging a lot of stuff out of the attic and staging it in my dining room. I hate it because stuff has to be organized and packed and then shipped off somewhere. I hate camping because a bunch of spider-infested firewood had to be loaded into my van. I hate camping because the everybody was gone, so I had the house to myself… and I don’t sleep well in an empty, silent house.

And I hate camping because all three of my boys came back flithy and stinking to high heaven. The boys laughed hysterically when I declared they had “swampy butt” and had to shower before they could do anything in the house. Scrub downs and tick checks and a pile of muddy laundry and then putting all that stuff away afterwards… It was a big huge timesuck! What the hell is the point of camping?

And, of course, because the boys didn’t sleep well on Saturday night, they needed extra sleep last night. That means I had two grumpy little bears to get to school this morning!

Joy and joy and joy…

I’m at a pretty intense intersection of many major projects: NaNo starts next week, so does my writing class. The church Profile is almost produced, with our major delivery day being November 11th. Crafting is going sure and steady, but slowly. I’m worried I’m not going to get it all done. I thought I was going to get all of my November freelancing done this month because next month is going to be so intense. That might not happen, which is frustrating.

It’s my intention to keep up with the blog at regular pace during these next few weeks. Posts might be shorter, but I really hope to not skip them. I can’t promise, because I’m human… but I’m going to do my best.

Wow, it’s Monday. How are you, Dear Reader? What are you about to jump into? I hope you’re feeling excited and ready. Let’s get to work.

Until Wednesday, take care.

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