[Fail] Writer’s Block looms…

Photo: The Fairy Garden after a second summer! Things are practically overgrown! I don’t know the names of any of these succulents. They’re just pretty and weird. Can I winter them over? We’ll see!


I know there are other aspiring writers who read this blog, so when I write that Writer’s Block is a real, physical thing, I know they’ll understand. For those of ya’ll Dear Readers who don’t write, I should explain: Writer’s Block hurts. It’s like a headache, but it’s a different kind of discomfort. It’s a seizing, a numbing… a tangible wall in the brain. Desire is there, but it slams up against something invisible, yet physical.

The wall isn’t fully built yet, but it’s coming. I can feel it. A whole week of no headspace, plus a pretty intense weekend of work, and another day of just more input without a lot of support or quiet… I’m about to be toast. I need to breathe. I need quiet. I need real quiet.

So I’m going to breathe. Meatballs, maybe a couple rows of knitting, and then I’m going to bed early. I need sleep. I need quiet. I mostly, mostly need quiet. I’m making the space. I think that if I play my cards right, I can hold this off… and if I can hold this off, all will be well.

So, I’m embarrassed to put up another fail post. I’m so sorry, Dear Reader. Better this than just silence for a week, which is very possible if I get really, truly blocked.

This is what self-care looks like in action. Let no one say I don’t practice what I preach.

If you need quiet, Dear Reader, take it. Take care. It’s important.

Until Wednesday, take care.


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  1. I understand you. I have been going through writers block for a good while now. I understand you and thank you for sharing.

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      I have often found that Writer’s Block is my muse telling me one of two things: 1) “Go back. We made a mistake. I know where it is. Let’s rip back and start over.” or 2) “There are too many cooks in this kitchen. Stop listening other peoples and trust me. I’ll show you the right way.”
      Whenever I listen and do as my muse tells me, I find my way around the block.

      I hope you find your way around your block. Writer’s Block is painful. I hate it. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

      So I sincerely pray that you will find your way around the block.

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