The Piecing is the Easy Part

Photo: I had every intention of taking a photo in natural light (or brighter light) earlier today, but got distracted by fun with my friend. Soooo, take this for now and I’ll take a better picture before Friday.


The quilt top is done and I am very pleased. Of course, now the actual quilting must begin, and that will be something, for sure… but the piecing is done. Now to make the sandwich and put this thing in a hoop.

I love quilting. I love the rhythm of the needlework and the feeling of the fabric in my hands. I love the fun patterns in the fabric, especially in adorable little baby blankets like this one. I love that they are “loud” and unfussy. I love that they are artful, yet practical and warm. Quilts are an artform, and there are many quilts that rightfully should be put on display instead of being used… but I do so love that the quilts that I stitch will end up wrapped around a precious little one, lending warmth and joy. I love that quilting meets a fantastic crossroads between what can be “fine,” high art and domestic practicality.

I can’t remember if I’ve written about this before, but I have dear friends from college who adopted a little boy earlier this year. The first time they adopted, there was a lot of warning, so I was about to knit a blanket. For this adoption, they told me about a week ahead of time. It’s easy, super easy, to just go to the baby store and get a blanket, but I have a specifically soft spot for adopted children. I know that this blanket doesn’t necessarily scream boy, but I hope the colors and patterns hold his attention and that my love and prayers for that whole family will linger in the stitches.

Today, I bopped down to Cambridge with my crafting friend and went to my favorite craft store, Gather Here, to purchase the quilt’s backing and batting. I couldn’t resist these adorable little pandas.


I mean, aren’t they the sweetest little things?

Now it’s time to cut the backing to size and baste the three layers (top, batting, and top) together. I have unreasonable hopes of getting this thing basted and in the hoop by Sunday. What a foolish fool I am! Don’t I know my own schedule!?

My friend was so kind as to gift me a beautiful skein of Campfire Knits yarn for my birthday.


This is Arches in fingering weight (Adventurer). I’m sharing because there are more than a few fellow knitters among you Dear Readers nowadays. Consider it for your next yarn swap or if you’re doing the Fibreshare. The feel is lovely and I’m always attracted to warm colors like this. Because I’m waist-deep in holiday crafting, I can’t even begin to know what to make with this… but I do look forward to knitting up something with it in 2019. 🙂

So tomorrow is my birthday and it looks like my strategy worked: I’ve been too busy to go down the rabbit hole. I’ve gone to meetings, I’ve completed projects, I’ve balanced work with joyful activities… tomorrow, I look forward to seeing an old friend and her daughter and playing at the Discovery Museum for a while. I won’t be alone, I won’t be sitting somewhere thinking. I’ll be chasing and laughing and mashing buttons and building stuff. Things are going as I hoped they’d go.  I’ll report back on Friday, hopefully feeling happy and not drained like last year.

And hey, Dear Reader, I’d like to make a little plug for self-care: you don’t have to watch tomorrow’s shenanigans on Capitol Hill. You don’t have to subject yourself to the testimony–neither his, nor hers. I say this because it’s enough and it’s enough. You can get the conclusions without having to sit through the entire spectacle. It just may not be healthy. The overall topic is heavy, the particular incident in question is severe, and the potentially flippant dismissal by those who have already sold their souls will be enough to set the blood to boiling. Choose and consume wisely, Dear Reader…. and if you need to take a break, take one.

I’ll see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

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  1. Love the quilt and your self care notes. Made sure it was off all TV’s here at work. Can’t take any more. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Trish says:

    The quilt top looks absolutely fabulous! The fussy cutting on the eggs over easy is so cute. I hope you are pleased as can be with it. It is tangible love!

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