It’s always a slow start…

Photo: This is our second big tomato harvest and I’m so pleased. Along with the full bowl of tomatoes you see here (a combination of grape, chocolate, and orange burst varieties), We also harvested 2 slicing tomatoes and a heirloom today. Oh, and this mama is delighted by the jalapenos and habaneros we have been growing! I know I should wait until they turn red or orange, but they are delicious now. So… om nom nom, ya’ll. 🙂


So the boys are home today.

I know, it’s a good reason… Rosh Hashanah is an important holiday and I respect that families should be able to celebrate and gather without worrying about missing school.

…but the boys are home today…

September always feels like a bunch of false starts.

It doesn’t help that I’m in a bit of an anxious mood. My Mom and step-father, along with my aunts, uncles and cousin, are evacuating the Outer Banks as I type this, having only just arrived on Saturday. They were supposed to spend the week there, but Florence has messed up everything. That’s the risk you take when you go down there in September, but still…  and the forecast for the Carolinas, Virginia and Maryland aren’t ideal. Flooding is a major concern in all of those areas. I worry about dead loved ones and friends, not to mention places I hold dear that are susceptible to flood damage. The consequences of global warming feel real inconsequential until they literally hit home, which is what is going to happen here. When everything is all said and done, the dunes of the Outer Banks will change once again and places that I love, like Ellicott City, may suffer under extraordinary flooding.

It’s horrible to have to sit here and wait and watch and pray.

I guess, in a way, it’s good to be distracted by restless boys and lots to do.

The tension, of course, is that there really is a lot to do. Church stuff, home stuff… I already have two students signed up for my writing class starting at the beginning of next month, and have made flyers so I can advertise… I hope to get them up at the library in town, and the coffee shops… My goal is 10 students this time around (I had 4 last time).  Did I mention to ya’ll that I’m serving as Municipal Liaison for my NaNoWriMo Region this year? So there are write-ins to plan… I just had a lovely meeting with the director of one of my local libraries. 4 write-ins on the calendar for November. Yay! And…whoa…!? Lord, I hope I can manage it all. There is also one more thing: I earned a scholarship for a class at GrubStreet in Boston. My first workshop-style class! I’m elated and anxious… Do I have a thick enough skin to survive it? Will my writing improve? Is my writing good enough to begin with?

I don’t know.

I can’t really think about it.

Because the boys are home today.

All I can do is breathe and mother and clean and do laundry, transitioning this house from Summer crazy to Autumn acceptable. Gone are the “anything goes” days of whimsy. Returned are the days of more formal hosting, baking and coffee.  Tomorrow is my first coffee in a while: a lovely lady from my church Bible study group. I love and admire her with all my sincerity, praying I can have an ounce of her style when I reach her age. We’ll sit here knitting together, I hope, as we talk about the rector search. I’ve spent almost the entire day just trying to put this first floor back together after a summer of neglect. I’m typing this post instead of sweeping and mopping these floors… my last step. Can I do that and have time to pick up scones in the morning before she arrives!? Maybe… maybe

First, this post… and dinner… and a few phone calls with loved ones.

Are you holding up whole mountains today, Dear Reader? Are you seemingly juggling them, two by two, like I am? I’m with you. I see you.

It’s a week full of opportunities: even if there is a hurricane, even if deadlines loom, even if the kids are home. You can do a lot, Dear Reader. Seize this day and this week. Let’s get to Friday feeling exhausted, but accomplished. Okay?

You can do this. I’m here for it if you are.

Until Wednesday, breathe, work it, rock it…. and take care.


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  1. The tomatoes look delicious!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      They ARE! There really is nothing better than a tomato straight from the vine. All my heirlooms just walked out the house with a church friend. I’m sad, but happy at the same time. There are more. Always more. 🙂

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