And So, We Begin Again

Photo: Obligatory first day of school photo with obligatory too-cool poses from my 6 year-old. “Babies, can you just stand there and be cool so we can take a normal picture, please?” Minor: “What? We’re awesome. This is what awesome looks like!” Lord in Heaven, someone save me and these children.


I just want to take a moment to point out that it’s the noon hour and I’m sitting here writing this blog post. Jazz piano is playing. Birds are singing. There is a warm, but consistent breeze. My house is a mess, but it’s quiet… and there will be time to putter around. I’ll get this house back into shape in time. Today… today is just for savoring.

I actually didn’t get the back-to-school jitters until about 4 this morning, which is a damned stupid time to get the back-to-school jitters. The Husband could barely get himself to sleep. The boys, if they had issues in the night, didn’t seem to bother us about it. We’d done our best to keep them pretty active over the weekend so they’d be good n’ tired and would sleep.

I write with deep gratitude that this morning went fairly smoothly. I got up on time, enjoyed a morning with coffee and reading, The Husband got up and out on time, and the boys were not grumpy or sleep to get out of bed. We made it out to the bus, we got our same bus driver back for the third year in a row (I look forward to another school year of giving him the blues about the damn Patriots), and the boys got on the bus after crossing the street without issue. I’m nervous about this afternoon, when there is more traffic, but so far, so good.

Now, if I were a woman of means, the first day of school would be marked with mimosas and a Molly Maids appointment. I think I’m going to make that a personal goal for next year. Until I win the lottery, I settle for a pumpkin-spice latte on the first day of school instead. (September is the official start of All Pumpkin Everything season at my house!) The problem is, though: I don’t have the blackmobile today. Matter of fact, I won’t have it until Thursday.

The Husband’s car is on her way out. She is doing her best to retire gracefully, not stranding my husband on the long road to Cambridge. The process of getting a new car for The Husband has been complicated because he has decided that he needs a car with manual transmission. “It’s my last opportunity to drive a manual car. I’ve gotta take it.” Ohhhhhkkkaaay, dude. Anyway, he made it happen, but because nothing is easy, he won’t be driving home his new car until Thursday night. I decided to sacrifice my mobility instead of risking the car leaving him stranded on the road (and blowing up the deal we got). Aren’t I the bessst wife? Like the best? I know, right? Right?

So, not celebratory PSL for this mama. What happens to a dream deferred?

Anyway, it’s a good thing to actually have to be here. I had meetings I turned into phone calls instead. I really get to maximize this first week here. God surely is talking to me. I can just hear Him saying, “we’re going to do things a little differently this time around. You need to focus.”

I need to focus this school year. I have to make wiser choices.

It’s not to say I wasn’t focused last year, but I really feel like I’ve spent a lot of time in that car and not enough time planted, typing, getting this here work done. I need not be everywhere. This year, I really am going to try to be better rooted and evaluate my need vs. want to be out of the house. I’m going to set some measurable, more attainable goals for the projects I have, and be better about holding on tightly to them. I feel like I can end this year much stronger than I started. It all starts with this week and getting things off on the right foot.

It even starts with this here blog post. Look! Midday instead of 10pm! Wooo hooo!!

Hopefully my good habits will last. My goal is not to just get these good habits going, but to maintain them through the winter, when I and everything else seems to fall apart. You’ll hold me accountable, right? Of course you will.

I’m going to come to close and get one more important project done before getting two little boys off the bus. I wonder how it went? I think the best measure for how things are going to go is not the morning of day 1, but the morning of day 2. Hopefully they’ll be just as delighted to get out of bed tomorrow as they were today.

I’ll let you know on Friday. See you then for Quiet Thoughts.

How do you master The Dab, but not the Wakanda Salute? Lordy. So much work to do…  

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