It’s Hot, Ya’ll

Photo: Hot outside and hot in my tum-tum. Our first ever jalapeno and habanero pepper plants have yielded a pretty good crop! I love habaneros especially because they aren’t just hot, they have a delightfully fruity flavor to them. Jalapenos, too, just not as distinct. Believe it or not, I eat them straight up: slice them up raw with the seeds and everything and add them as a garnish to my dinner. The Husband and my little bears think I’m nutso. Maybe I am. But it’s nice to have one thing in this house that is only for me!



It’s hot in Massachusetts.

And I know that I’m the queen of whining about winter around here… so I’m not really whining… but it’s bonafide, certified, smack somebody hot. For reals.

And I’m cranky as hell.

Because there ain’t no air conditioning in this old farmhouse. T’wasn’t designed with no climate change in mind. T’was Built in a time when 55 was a hot August day! (LOL, I’m exaggerating… but only slightly). Ice in the ice box was brand new when my house was built (don’t… don’t believe me about this… that can’t possibly be true). Fairly sure that the original residents of my house walked 15 miles in the snow uphill each way even on June 1st (Oh my God, I’m stopping now).

It’s hot, ya’ll and my house ain’t got no damn central air. You know what that means? It means throwing two little boys in the Blackmobile and driving them to air conditioned spaces. Yesterday, we were third in line to get into the Discovery Museum because I knew that place was going to be jumpin’ in no time at all, and I was right! But, there was a good 90 minutes when all was well and all was well. We even managed to do some building. But then everyone seemed to show up, so we had to go. We ended up at a park for about 15 minutes (shade was an impossibly scarce commodity) and then we came back here and barked at each other while watching TV under the living room fan.

We have air conditioning units in the bedrooms, so it’s not like we’re living impossibly hot all day, but I just see my electric bill slowly rise whenever I turn them on, so I try to wait until the evenings. I eventually gave in and banished the boys to their room to go “read some books” with the air conditioning on. That quickly dissolved into wrestling and screaming. I may or may not have opened a beer and simply chose to ignore it.

I’ll tell you what: these two weeks without something constructive for two little boys to do has taken a lot out of me. Children this age need occupation. They need to be somewhere and they need to be doing something. Providing that wall-to-wall entertainment is exhausting. Ya’ll, someone needs to take these babies and educate them or something!

School starts Tuesday. Tuesday, oh Lordy, Tuesday. Please, Lord, may I make it to Tuesday. Everyone else’s kids went back today or Monday, but not my children.

And that’s what this is ultimately all about. They are bouncing off the walls because they are feeling excited and anxious about the school year. I’m cranky because I’m feeling excited and anxious about the school year. The Husband just waltzes out the house every morning, leaving us to be here in this hot house with all of our damn feelings.

We’ll make it… with God’s help.

I hope.

At least I have my crafting, though I’m slightly behind. Behold, Nakia scarf for my sister making very good progress:

IMG_20180824_174818 (1).jpg

I love how the Noro Silk Garden (the bottom) has been practically felting while I’ve been knitting the other sections. The two sections above are fingering weight Juniper Moon Herriot Fine (which is baby alpaca and nylon) and the top section is Ella Rae Rustic Silk, which is 100% silk and it’s lovely to knit. I will say, on size 10 needles, this has been a quick, fun knit. If you’re looking for something beautiful and unique to knit for a favorite person this holiday season, I highly suggest this kit! (Nope, not being paid to tell you this, but I am happy to support my local yarn store with this little plug!)

I look forward to when the weather breaks on Friday so I can knit with joy and not feeling like my lap is turning into lava because my work is there!

Anyway, Dear Reader, I hope you are enjoying a productive week. Hopefully in a lovely, air conditioned space. I’ll see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

Examples of our building exploits of the Museum:

This right here is Major’s work. I really sincerely hope he grows up to be an architect someday. I think he has a beautiful eye. 
Meanwhile, multiple visits with the Keva Planks has allowed me time to explore structural techniques, resulting in THIS AWESOMENESS RIGHT HERE! It took about 30 minutes to built. It took a passing three-year-old half a second to knock it down. It took 2 seconds for his mother to give me only a half-hearted “sorry” and walk away. *sigh* It’s a Zen exercise for sure. 


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