Gettin’ it Together

Photo: Dramatical, right? We really love roasted brussels sprouts in this house. When the boys and I saw this full stalk of sprouts at the store today, we had to get it. I could have taken each sprout off, but there was an option to throw the entire thing in the oven. I was like, hells yes! It’s surely a dramatic presentation. The sprouts are cooked to perfection. I will say that this was a longer roast for similar results… so I’d only do this if you’re trying to impress someone. (Post dinner edit: so, if you like a crispier sprout, I would actually suggest not whole-roasting the stalk like this. The middle texture is soft, which is nice, but I think I enjoy more crispy pieces. This was a fun experiment, but I think I’ll take them off and cut them up next time.)


That being said, it’s so nice to have an afternoon to experiment with a new recipe. There is a big pot of chili on the stove, there is a pan of cornbread baking in the oven, and I’m baking cookies with salted caramel filling after dinner. In classic Hero’s Journey fashion, I had to leave my world and return to it to learn that I’ve had what I wanted all along.

Fun in the kitchen aside, every corner of this house needs my attention. I am not proud of how things fell apart around here. I dedicated an entire hour to the upstairs bathroom. The downstairs… well, I’ll share pictures on Wednesday. Five loads of laundry were done in this house over the weekend, with another today and still sheets to go!

The boys slept until 10 this morning, utterly exhausted from it all. They spent Saturday night at the Lowell Spinners game with a bunch of other Boy Scouts, enjoying a game, a movie and then camping out on the field. They came back here and played all day before crashing just before 8. What a pleasant surprise to have them sleep so late! The rest of the day, though… Lordy.

The unfortunate side effect of a summer where the boys have been entertained from the time they get out of bed until the time they crash is that they cannot handle being bored. They woke up this morning, had breakfast and then looked at me with anticipation. “So, what are we up to today?” Ursa Minor asked with a casual shrug.

“Ya’ll need to clean that playroom. We need to go to the grocery store. Otherwise, it’s an easy day.”

They looked at me like I’d cast a hex or something. As if I hadn’t warned them and warned them this day was coming! They played well enough in the morning, but melted into fighting and whining this afternoon. I’m sitting here betwixt and between feelings: the urge to force them to live in a world where they aren’t entertained so I can teach them something and also the urge to find them something to do so I can freaking get something done. Lordy.

Like any good mama, I’ll have to meet the boys half-way. I’ll get them out of the house and doing something for a bit tomorrow, then come home and get something done. Including tackling that playroom, which is only half clean. Tomorrow, I’m bringing down the hammer. I think some toys are getting purged in the process, too, which is going to be a complete ordeal. But they have so much, and they play with maybe a quarter of the stuff in there… and there are baby toys and McDonald’s toys and crap from the grandparents. I’m all set. I really want them to be more disciplined about keeping that room in some sort of order, but that’s pretty impossible when it’s a sea of stuff. I hope we can survive the experience without killing each other. I suppose I know what to write about on Wednesday!

Thank you again for your patience with me this summer as I enjoyed a pretty amazing few weeks with my two boys. They are spoiled rotten. I suppose I am, too. It feels great to back to a regular routine. I look forward to sharing another school year with you. Let’s get some things accomplished this week, Dear Reader. I want us to make it to Friday having slashed through the list of all the things we’ve got to do!

It’s Monday and I’m here for it. Are you, Dear Reader? I hope so.

Until Wednesday (yay!), take care.



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