Weekends Have Consequences

Photo: First of all, my Wegmans has ramps right now and I cannot be more pleased. Second of all they have soft shell crabs from Maryland for not a lot of money and it’s like yessssss. So I bought three because I have no discipline and I fried one up the second I got home. My intention was to put this little buddy between some bread with a little mustard for a delicious sammich. What had happened was I ended up eating it with my hands like a heathen. Joy is homesickness manifested and conquered through food. I can’t wait to grill the other two in a little bit!


What a weekend.

I’m sitting here with a back so stiff… like I’m old or some such. Seriously.

Can I tell a short aside before I actually dive into this post? Speaking of old: a woman I encountered this weekend had the nerve to ask me, “do you…can you… you know… put dye in your hair? When it’s all special like that? I’m just curious…”

“I… uh… dye?”

“Yeah, dye. I mean, I just noticed you’ve got the grays and I was wondering if, you know, you can’t put dye in your hair because you got it all… uh… special like that.”

“I mean, I could, there isn’t anything that pervents me from dyeing my locs…”

“Oh, ok…” she looked at me with this quizzical look, like, “well, why don’t you do that, then?” As if I was inept or so stupid for not having thought of it or done it.

This integrated life, I swear…


I got up at 6 to bake cinnamon rolls and catch the wedding (oh my goodness, all the happy tears). They were delicious, but only quickly enjoyed because we were hosting friends from the city at the Discovery Museum. One of the unexpectedly nice things about being an adult is getting to know folk pre-marriage and pre-kids, then see their lives change and meet their precious children. I really must say, children really do reflect a lot of their parents. It’ll be a smile or a laugh, a mischievous look or an radiating warmth. I love the curiosity, the genius, the sugary sweetness, the shining spirit that seems to manifest in the kiddos of my friends. It’s fun also to have my boys see these adults and get the report back on all the gifts I gave them.

The museum was a lot of fun (it always is! I love that place more and more as I visit!), and the boys had fun showing off all the cool exhibits. We adults being who we are, we each found something to do as well. I made a tower in the Keva Plank room, as usual, but I made it taller than ever and I figured out how to fill in the floor (FINALLY). You know what this means!? Even more complex design next time. I’ve got mad ideas, Dear Reader. Mad ideas!


We came back to my place for a homemade pasta party with meatballs. My friend brought her Phillips pasta/noodle maker (affiliate link) and my boys were absolutely smitten. That’s a huge, huge problem because they’ve now asked me twice when we are getting one. Aside from having not a single inch of counterspace left in my kitchen, I knoooow I need to resist the temptation to have one of those things in my house. We’d eat pasta on the daily. I’d really learn how to make ramen. I’d have to get the udon disk and eat udon all the time. I’d get so rotund so quickly ya’ll would see on Dr. Phil: “We used to have a normal mom. Then she got a pasta maker and she can’t stop eating!” I can hear his drawl now…

Anyway, it was a lovely day, but I was on my feet all day. When I finally sat down at the end of the day to watch Fahrenheit 451 (which wasn’t that great), my back did a thing and it has been stiff and angry ever since.

I couldn’t stop of course. There was church (we raised $700 for First Teacher! I’m so excited!) and Boy Scouts (Minor graduated from Lion to Tiger and Major graduated from Tiger to Wolf). We did a lot this weekend. By the time we got to 6 o’clock yesterday afternoon, The Husband was snoring on the couch, Major was desperately trying to read a book in bed in peace, and I was staring absently at a wall. Poor extroverted Minor couldn’t figure out what was wrong with us.

The ultimate consequence of all that go-go-go? My house is just… disastrous. I so looked forward to kicking everyone out for school and work so I could get to Wegmans, get back here, and start putting things back together. The stiff back makes things slow, but it’s getting done.

My prayer? That I actually get some fiction written this week. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

It’s a really gorgeous Monday here in Massachusetts. The start to another week full of challenges and possibilities. I’m here for it. And I’m here for you, Dear Reader. Let’s get great things done together, ok?

Until Wednesday, take care.



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