[Fail] Time and Trees

Photo: Look at those ominous lookin’ trees staring down at me with their pollen-filled branches!

Believe it or not, I walked in this house at 9:30 after a really wonderful and robust class with my students tonight. I left the school after writing down some notes for myself for next class and cleaning the white board, then I spend down to CVS to pick up some Xyzal for Ursa Minor. He’s having a hard time this allergy season. I know that the both of us will be ok in a week or two, but the pollen count shot up really high really quickly and now we’re both suffering. For Minor, it’s the whole package: eyes, noes, a little bit of coughing (I’m checking in frequently for wheezing. I’m really worried about that developing). For me, the Flonase seems to be taking care of my nose, but my eyes are just an itchy, watery, horrible mess.

So I’m going to take my little cold compress and take my tired self to bed. I’ll have Quiet Thoughts for you on Friday for sure.

Hope you’re enjoying the warm weather and that whatever allergy medicine you prefer is working!

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

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  1. Trish says:

    I am grateful for whoever created Claritin D. And that drinking obscene amounts of water actually does help.

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