When Perfection and Paper Matters

This post is sponsored by Basic Invite, a custom printing website for invitations, greeting cards, business stationery and your other custom paper needs. Though I have been paid by the company to write this post, all opinions are my own and Basic Invite did not attempt to influence my post in any way. 


When Basic Invite invited me to do a post about their product and service, I instantly knew that the answer was going to be “no” unless I could get my hands on some of that paper. Longtime readers know how I feel about paper. Between the mountain of Christmas cards I send every year, the fictions I only write longhand, and the fancy notebooks I carry with me everywhere I go, paper is just one of those things that I’ve learned to care deeply about. I also live in a world where thank you cards are still an essential part of a woman’s social toolbox. I use the good stuff, because I know the good stuff makes an impression.

So when I got my package in the mail, I couldn’t wait to dive right in and feel that paper. If it didn’t feel a certain way, ya’ll, I wasn’t going to even spend my time doing this write up. I’m very happy to say that they came correct. The paper is good quality and feels awesome in your hands. You can read more about their paper quality here. Note that I did ask about their sustainability practices. They say that their paper, which is always at last 110 stock, is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and 50% recycled content.

The thing about Basic Invite is that they offer what they call a “truly custom” printing experience. With a range of over 180 colors to choose from, as well as fonts and styles, you can use their website to create a custom printed invitation/greeting card/stationary set that is absolutely tailored to your needs and tastes. That color thing is a big deal, because it’s not “just” the background, or big elements like the words, but you can actually customize the color elements of even tiny details of each design. Because I was only ordering samples, I found that to be almost overwhelming. However, when I was a bride and I really wanted every little detail to be specific and perfect, I would have loved to have had this available to me.

This is just the front side, mind you. There are more colors in the back. You can see more on their website or on the video I’ve made below!

Basic Invite takes color extremely seriously. They even offer 40 different colors of envelops to go along with their invitations. I know that’s not a big deal for some people, but for weddings and even graduation announcements and baby showers, that’s a really wonderful feature.


I really should have picked up a sample of their custom graduation cards and graduation party announcements. I was selfishly more interested in looking at their Christmas cards instead because that’s my personal biggest custom print project of the year.


So the card to the left is in their premium shimmer, which adds a little bit of a glow that is nice and the one to the right is in their signature premium matte. I like them both both for different reasons. And just to be clear, the shimmer is really subtle. As a matter of fact, in the video I say that I can’t tell the difference in the natural light! But you can see a difference here in the side-by-side.

All the materials that I received were samples that I created myself on the Basic Invite website. One unique feature from Basic Invite is that you can indeed create a truly custom sample, creating every single detail that you want as you want it, so when you receive it you are looking at exactly what you envisioned. They don’t pull back just because you are asking for a sample, which is something that other companies do (I remember that when I was a bride 10 years ago!). That unique feature is really powerful, because it gives you full control and assurance over what it is that you are creating.

I custom-created this business stationary on the website. I’m really attracted to red and you’ll see that I used multiple shades to create this. I like it so much, I think I might actually order a full set for myself! 

So the thing about the customization is you really can spend a lot of time on it. I liked spending time mixing and matching the different colors to make this basic business set. Here again, I was thinking about the paper. That business card is in their double-thick premium matte and it’s awesome.

That’s a business card, ya’ll.

While I didn’t spend a lot of time customizing a wedding card, I did get a set so I could see how they look. I was very pleased.


The set to the left is their premium semi-gloss paper, the right is their premium matte. You’ll observe that no matter what, in the natural light, that ink looks gorgeous, the paper looks sturdy. I personally like the matte because I think paper should look like paper. But the semi-gloss looks gorgeous, too. I really like the different designs that Basic Invite offers for their wedding invitations. There is something for every type and every taste. I chose this particular design because I think the back is the hotness.


Is that not the cutest!?

What I’ve got here doesn’t even show the full range. They have cool wood invitations, printed on real wood with white ink, and they they have foil invitations, where  you can add gold, silver, or rose gold foil to many Basic Invite designs.

One other quick thing for the perfectionists in the world (me!): Basic Invite offers a “check for errors” service for your invitations where a real human will check on your work. It takes a little time and adds to the cost, but if you don’t trust yourself (I usually don’t!), this might be one more added awesome benefit for using the service.

This is the season of paper: there are graduations to announce, weddings to plan, showers for brides and babies to send invitations for. There are times in life when paper really matters. When that time comes, you really want to take the time to do it right so that you make a lasting impression. I really must say, I’m happily surprised by and impressed with Basic Invite. I like their platform, I think their product is high quality, I thought that their service was fast and intuitive. I’m looking forward to using them for my next big custom printing order.

I know that many of ya’ll Dear Readers are international. You should know that Basic Invite ships internationally to most English-speaking nations and to all military bases!

I totally recommend Basic Invite. I think you’ll like using their service, especially if you really want something that feels good in hand and looks custom-tailored to you and your event. Try them out today.

Looking for a good excuse to give them a try? From now until June 30th, Basic Invite is offering 15% off orders with the coupon code: 15FF51! 

Want to know more? Well, I did a little video. (What!? A video!). That’s right, a video.

Looking forward to seeing your custom creations!

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