Appreciate and Appreciate

Photo: Color is returning. It’s slow, so slow… but you can see it if you look in the right places.


The boys got in the van and Ursa Major had the audacity to ask for air conditioning. I told that boy no. You don’t pray and pray and pray for warmth and sunshine only to then blast cold air on yourself the second it arrives! You better enjoy this, child! This season is too short to waste!

I probably sounded like my father. Or at least one of my grandparents. A little southern twang came out any everything. The boys gave me a look of near horror, which then melted into a touch of pity. A morphing of opinion from “why in the world would we have air conditioning if we’re not even going to use it!” to “Oh dear, she’s so old… and old fashioned.” And Lord if I didn’t do that to my people. Lord if I don’t do that to people right now. It’s really quite something when your children start mirroring your expressions and emotions. I suppose I should remind myself that they, too, will tell their children that they’re mad to want air conditioning so early in the season.

Right? Right. I’m not crazy. They’re just spoiled.

Well before picking up two little boys for guitar and such, I was a woman holdin’ it down. Blessed are all the women who do all the things. Who take the calls and prep the meetings and make the lunches and hold onto a schedule. I did it all today. I wrote a freelance post, I shot off some emails, I edited an agenda for tomorrow’s important meeting, I took an unscheduled call, made a scheduled one… put two more meetings on the calendar… made the copies for my class and laid out my lesson. I’m sitting here exhausted and I still have to get dinner on the table, do a Wonder Woman quick change and head off to teach my class. I know I’m not the only one who did a crazy day today, a day that’s not yet over. I see you, Dear Reader. I appreciate the hard work you’re doing.

I have to keep this post short because, well, I kinda ran out of time today.

But I’d like to make one more note: blessed are the listeners and true, good friends. The ones who halt their day to provide something you sorely need. A friend took an hour out of his day today to listen to my sermon, give me feedback I desperately needed, and make me feel better. I think it was harder to deliver the sermon to him than it will be to deliver it for the congregation. Because he has given me his approval, I feel like I have the confidence to do this and do it well. Time is precious. When it is given, sincerely and without reservation, you should acknowledge it. I’m forever in my friend’s debt for a myriad of reasons, and this is yet one more to add to the list. Blessed are those who know how precious their time is, but opt to give it to others anyway.

It’s Wednesday. How did that happen? Are you still breathing? Is your head on right? I’m here with you, Dear Reader. I know that it’s one of those weeks. Look, I ate tiramisu for breakfast yesterday because I was weak. And nervous. And my head wasn’t on right.

But I’m better now. It’s all going to get done. And what doesn’t get done, well… you’re human, Dear Reader. We’re here and we are here, and all is well and all will be well.

So keep drinking water. And breathing. And working.

I’ll see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

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  1. Trish says:

    I like that part about people who value their time and still give it willingly. That’s the opposite of saying you’ll do something, then later regretting it and only half heatedly doing it. A good reminder this morning.

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Sometimes, you’ve gotta do things that are chores. But sometimes, doing someone a solid simply by giving them your undivided attention is more than enough. Matter of fact, it’s everything.

  2. You certainly are Wonder Woman. Blessed are those who in the midst of their crazy busy day, still have time to connect with and encourage their readers through such a lovely post. Thank you for always helping me remember to breathe… it’s when I read your posts that I remember I’ve got this. 🙂

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      You’ve SO got that! You don’t even KNOW! 🙂 I’m so grateful for your readership. I remind ya’ll to breathe so I can remind myself that *I* need to breathe. Somehow, the days go by and we’re all still here…

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