[Bloggy Skip Day] The First Good Day!

That’s right ya’ll, it finally happened, the first good day. Today is the first good day! The sun is strong, there is no wind chill, there is just warmth and sunshine and ahhhhh. My feet and legs ain’t ready for it and I don’t even care. (Okay, I care. I gotta… fix my life… first thing tomorrow. I mean, I act like I didn’t watch a weather forecast this weekend. What’s wrong with me?)


It is perfect poetry that the first good day is also the day the boys went back to school after a long, cold break. I have been outside all day, writing, breathing, enjoying. Well, I went to Wegmans first. And I bought myself a cake. A mini cake. A cake for mommy. And I bought some wine, too. It’s chilling. I’m going to enjoy my wine and I’m going to enjoy my cake and I’m not going to share it. Not a single bite of it. I cannot even wait.

The first good day is for cake. And joy. And not sharing.

For those of ya’ll who are new to the blog, there is a college here in Massachusetts, Smith College, that rings the bells at school to surprise students with canceled classes one pretty day a year. I thought it was a Spring tradition, but it turns out to be a Fall thing. Well, here at BBMM, it’s the first good Spring day. Longtime readers will have to correct me, but I’m pretty sure this is year four for my little skip day. My tradition is that you have to celebrate Spring when she arrives or else she’ll leave early, or she’ll come late next year. She’s fickle like that. Fall is wonderful and I love it, but Spring… Spring needs extra kudos. She needs a day. You gotta stop and say thank you when she finally, finally makes it here to MetroWest.

So I implore ya’ll to do the same. Bask in the sun. Give thanks for the first good day. The sunny season is finally upon us! May there be many, many, many days of it!

Until Wednesday, take care!


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