“So, ARE you?”

Photo: Ursa Minor’s castle art work for the Fairy Tale unit at school.


This morning was the Fairy Tale Tea at Minor’s kindergarten class. We got the invitation last week and were like, d’oh! We’re busy enough and then the random school thing pops up. Anyway, we all piled in the car this morning and went on in. Little boys stuffed their faces with too many sweet treats while I wasn’t looking. Even The Husband got coffee. As ever, Mama didn’t get a bite.

So I’m navigating the room and run into the assistant teacher in class, a woman who we sincerely love. She sees me and she says, “Hey! Did [teacher] send you an email telling you about [Minor’s] special announcement?”

Me: “No…? What announcement?”

Assistant: “We were playing this game as a class. You know, like, ‘raise your hand if you have a brother,’ and stuff. Well, you know, [Minor] raised his hand because he’s so proud of his big brother. Anyway, the kids each were able to make their own thing, and [Minor] stands up and says, ‘Raise your hand if your Mommy is going to have a girl baby!’ and no one raised their hand. [Teacher] and I were like, OH MY GOD! And we just have to know! That would be the best!”

As you can imagine, I was like, whhhhhhaaaattttt??? 

So,” she continued. “Are you?” (She eyed my mid-section with sincere interest. My muffin-top is absolutely not a baby bump… there is, I’ve learned over the years, a difference. I wrapped my cardigan around me extra tight in mortification.)

“Girl, no,” I said, trying to be friendly. “I can’t even believe that child said that! Why would he say that!?”

Assistant: “Well, so, we asked him later, like ‘how do you know your mommy is pregnant? How do you know it’s a girl? Did she tell you?’ you know?”

Uh huh?

Assistant: “He eventually told us, ‘no,’ but said, ‘[Ursa Major] has been wishing really hard for it, like every night!’ Oh, we just think that’s the sweetest. We wanted to know if the wish came true.”

Well, it hasn’t, ya’ll.

So I tried to find some sort of humor in it. I was like, “I’m sure that happens in Kindergarten all the time, right? Kids saying the darndest things?”

She shook her head. “Nope! That’s never ever happened in the years I’ve been here!”

Awwwwesssoooommmmeeee, ya’ll.

I had to chat with Minor’s teacher, who was just as disappointed.


It’s funny how that works. I think I’ve finally gotten over my baby fever. Maybe it’s everything going on with the extended family… but it’s also the great space that the boys seem to be in right now. I mean, I played a game of chess with Major last week, for goodness sake. It’s really hard to go back to diapers after that kind of experience. Minor will be turning 6 on Sunday. The gap, at this point, is pretty sizable. Do people do it? Yes. Does that mean we should do it? I’m not so sure.

Oh, but the joy of thinking about it, right?

And to think that the boys maybe have been thinking about it, too? It makes me wonder. But they have no idea what they are really asking for. No idea at all. They’ll be wanting to take that wish back the first night baby is up at 1am and 2am and 3am… and don’t even get me started on sleep training. And teething. Lordy.

Yeah, there would be plenty of joy…

But then there are the risks….

Lord. I said I was out of this game.

I have to keep my post short today. First of all, there are no less than 4 loads of laundry upstairs that need to be folded and put away. I’m a horrible homemaker. Laundry always gets away from me. I promised I’d get it all done before The Husband got home today (the exchange was that I got to order pizza for dinner). Well, Google says The Husband will be here in 20 minutes and I’m sittin’ here typing to you, Dear Reader! (Bom bom booooommmmm!!)

Also, I have a big important church meeting tonight. I’m on the search committee for our new rector. Longtime readers and longtime friends who have known me for a really long time will probably laugh and laugh at that sentence. Especially old college friends who are reading. I was so not a Jesus person not that long ago. Now I’m about to do up my hair, put on something cute, and show up for a Vestry meeting where I’ll be part of a team that is handed down a formal charge to find a new rector for the parish. This life is a journey of learning for sure.

The clock is ticking and there is so much laundry! I gotta go.

But I’ll see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

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  1. Tikeetha T says:

    LOL. I feel your horror. Kids are the cutest but I would’ve been mortified as well.

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