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[Quick Quiet Thoughts] They Haven’t Outgrown Me Yet

7 months ago

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Photo: We are very lucky to have a phenomenal children’s museum in the area, and they are opening their brand new building officially tomorrow. I’ve had the pleasure of being a very, very small part of the Discovery Museum’s transformation, and I took the opportunity to take the boys to the “soft opening” before the crowds come in tomorrow. If you are ever visiting Massachusetts, I strongly suggest you stop in for a visit! I’ll write more soon, and I’ll have more photos in my Instagram, too!


I wanted to write more about our trip to the Discovery Museum, but I have to keep my Quiet Thoughts short tonight. I’m sure you have heard about the storm battering the East Coast today. Mom lost a tree in Maryland! She called me today and described the storm down there as “a hurricane without the rain.” Well, we got the rain. A lot of it. East of here, on the coast, they got the rain and a storm surge because of the astronomical high tide. Evacuations by boat and errythang! Now the winds have arrived in full force. I’m worried about our trees, too.

Wind does funny things to an old house like mine. Where it certainly has a voice and a presence, with normal noises that you quickly get used to, the wind wakes up new places, causing new corners to whisper or wail. As the pressure in the house shifts and changes, unexpected sounds send even the most rational adult minds racing. As you can imagine, for two little boys, the scrich-scratching, the whistling, the howling, the cracking… not to mention the lights flickering, the distant sound of a transformer (or something) failing… it all can give a kid the jitters.

So we’re huddled in the big bed. Me and my two boys. We’re watching Bubble Guppies and trying to forget that the wind is fierce tonight.  The Husband is a little late thanks to Scouts so it’s just me holding it down. I’m not going to lie, I don’t mind the company.

And that’s where my Quiet Thoughts are tonight. My seven-year-old hasn’t outgrown me yet. Neither has my almost six-year-old. When the world is just a little too weird, Mommy still has the power to make it better. Just get in the big bed, get under the heavy covers. For all of their neediness (and Lord, have they been whinny and needy!), it’s still nice to be needed. For comfort, not just stuff. I’m grateful they don’t want to be anywhere else right now.

And I think I’m a little grateful that, despite a tough week of adulting and mothering, I still don’t want them to be anywhere else, either. This mothering heart… it really does beat a little bit differently.

So forgive me my short post. They are tired and so am I. And if I’m typing, I’m not cuddling.

But I still have wishes for you, Dear Reader.

I wish you little damage and consistent power if you are in the path of the storm. I wish you the ability to help out those who will need it if you’re not. I wish you a little bit of time to offer a little comfort to someone in some way this weekend. A hug, a held hand, a meal brought over, a chore handled on someone’s behalf… be a rock for someone, perform a miracle. I wish rest, unabashed and sincere. Don’t forget to eat, don’t forget to sleep, and don’t forget to breathe, Dear Reader. This is your time to recharge. Take it.

Don’t forget to walk tall and shine this weekend, Dear Reader. The night is long, the world unstable, with new worries daily. All we have, right now, is each other. More than ever, your light matters. Shine brightly because you can. When you do so, you inspire others to do the same. You are loved. You are noticed. Your presence in the world makes a difference. Don’t forget that, Dear Reader. Hold on to it with all your might.

Until Monday, stay safe, stay warm, and take care.

6 Replies to “[Quick Quiet Thoughts] They Haven’t Outgrown Me Yet”

  1. I’m so glad I had time to read your Quiet Thought tonight! I definitely miss those moments of cuddling in the big bed with little ones. My youngest just turned 14! BUT they will never stop needing you. I can assure you of that.
    We’re safe in New Jersey although we have heard about a lot of downed trees in our area. I’m grateful for power, heat, and shelter but most of all that we are all safe.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. First of all, HEY!!!! It’s so good to see you, Mar!! Always love it when you stop by! I am very glad that you all are ok down there. Are you getting snow from the next storm this week?

      Man, 14… Do 14 year olds do their own laundry? I would really like my children to do their own dang laundry…

  2. Oh I just love this blog story. And here are the words that touched my heart the deepest: “And that’s where my Quiet Thoughts are tonight. My seven-year-old hasn’t outgrown me yet. Neither has my almost six-year-old. When the world is just a little too weird, Mommy still has the power to make it better. Just get in the big bed, get under the heavy covers…” Oh yes, yes, yes. They will always be your babies and you will always be their mama. Age is a number, but the heart connection never ages. 🙂

    1. Oh good. I always feel bad when the Quiet Thoughts gets cut short. I get a lot of visitors on Friday, so I do my best to deliver!

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