It Just Keeps Happening


It wasn’t you or me today,

it wasn’t you or me.

We went out into the world and came back

spared from the bullet

spared from the terror

of errant guns.


It wasn’t our children today, Beloved.

It wasn’t our children today.

They got on the bus and returned.

We kissed them goodbye

and they came back to us

spared from the bullet

spared from the terror

of errant interpretations of ancient words.


They will post their standard lines

“thoughts and prayers”

for the wounded

and the grieving

and the terrorized.


They will do so without remembering

that prayer is an action

a promise

the start of a series of works to do.

To pray is to lay down burdens

to seek wisdom

to walk lighter

and enlightened.

Prayer is a call

to action

to understanding

to better.


Prayer is a request

for a better tomorrow.


And what of tomorrow, Beloved?

Could it be you or me?

It wasn’t you or me today,

it wasn’t our children.

But tomorrow?

What of tomorrow, Beloved?



I pray for your safety.


I pray with my call.

I pray with my letter.

I pray with my donation.

I pray with my vote.


I pray for you and me, Beloved.

I pray for our precious children.




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  1. Theresa says:

    Thank you for this. My heart aches for change. And sometimes all we can do is pray.

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      All of our hearts.
      It’s so frustrating… I cannot believe the excuses I’m hearing today.
      They have to WANT to change. Which means getting off the NRA payroll and actually doing what is right.

  2. This ought to be shared far and wide. It’s so beautifully, perfectly put. It’s going in my poetry scrapbook.

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