Apologies & Update


My Dear Reader! I’m so sorry I missed my post last night! It’s a rarity to go a post day without at least putting up a [Fail] post! I’m sorry to do that!

Nothing is wrong, I’m just extraordinarily overbooked. I’m currently serving on a town committee that has me in meetings until late evening every day. I also just joined a new project team that will require a lot of my attention as we get systems established. There is freelance work, kinkling weekend is coming and… I’m still a mother of two. And maybe a writer? I used to be a writer, anyway…

I need this week to move the town committee’s work beyond me, do my paid work, get this house ready for kinklings, and do the work that motherhood requires. It is not easy. I am exhausted and insane. However, it’s all extraordinarily important to me.

This blog is, too. That’s why I’m taking the time to apologize. Many of you come here for curiosity, or affirmation, a little bit of humor, a little bit of honesty, or a even just a little bit of humanity in the increasingly weird, yet sterile web. Your readership means a lot to me. That’s why I don’t like missing posts.

So, I’m going to leave this here now, not post tomorrow, but absolutely be back for Quiet Thoughts on Friday. Hopefully I’ll have the brain cells to reflect on the week! Next week, I’ll start anew, back on schedule with stories to tell.

Thanks for your patience with me, Dear Reader. I’ve gone from a mom with two infants and not much else going on (it was enough!)  to now having two school-aged kids and days full with personal and professional pursuits. Ya’ll have been here for all of it, thanks to this humble space. While the content has changed over time, I’ve really worked hard to keep the structure and schedule the same. I’m holding on tight to that, even as life seems to be evolving rapidly around me.

Hope you have a great week, Dear Reader. I will see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


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  1. We love seeing your posts. But I also love knowing that people I care about are resting and taking it easy. Life can become overbuy so fast, and I hope you have some blessings today of time and rest, and slower moments. Thanks for sharing what’s been happening. Sounds like you have a full and happy life!

    1. Theresa says:

      Agreed! Rest up and take care of yourself and your beautiful family. 🙂

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